Romita Jr Leaves Marvel For DC

Spider-Man legend John Romita Jr is leaving Marvel to pencil a new Superman book with writer Geoff Johns. Check out the announcement in the video below.

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  1. PowerRanger90

    yeah i think it just he wants to try new(52) things and i have no problem with that. i loved to see him try Batman, Flash, and Wonder Woman.

  2. Big John

    I'm with Nick on this one. I think the door will always be open. It still makes me sad though :( I guess JRJR was always kind of a constant at Marvel. But, really, they haven't given him a solid project to sink his teeth into for a while, so it's cool that DC looks like they're wining and dining him pretty well with Johns and Superman

  3. Nick MB

    Fair enough if he wants to stretch himself and seek new challenges. Can't say he hasn't done a fair enough run on Marvel books, and I imagine the door's always open to him. Not sure it's a case of Marvel "screwing it up" - if he wants to do different things (and he has already done his various Kick-Ass books), it would be much more damaging to Romita Jr's relationship with them to stamp their feet and demand he stay.

  4. spidertour02

    To repost what I said on Facebook ...This gives me a sad. JR JR has Marvel in his blood, and he should always be there. How they screwed this one up is a true mystery.That said, I'll probably check this out. I wish it had a different writer and a different inker, but JR JR brings me on board without much question.

  5. hornacek

    I haven't watched the video yet so maybe there's info there that will contradict me, but he'll be back. He was gone from Spidey for a long time but finally came back for New Ways To Die (?), he'll eventually come back to Spidey.

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