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Ravage-2099-1Sean Howe, who I have to interview on future podcast, found an interesting article from Wizard magazine back in 2002. It involves one of the last meetings with Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. When the 2099 universe was begin hammered out in the early 1990’s one of the original books was Ravage 2099. It was an original character and Stan was writing the book. Marvel Editor Tom DeFalco phoned Steve Ditko to see if he’d be interested in penciling the book and re-team with Stan. Here’s a transcript of the article.

Ditko was given a shot to return to that top form-on the grandest of stages, no less-in the early ’90s, while DeFalco was doing a bit of artistic brainstorming for Stan Lee’s new series, Ravage 2099.

“Stan said he’d love to work with Ditko again, so I gave Steve a call, and he agreed to come in and meet with Stan,” the editor said. “The fan in me was thinking ‘I’m going to watch history unfold-Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in the same room together.’”

“Steve came in, very flattered to be asked. The guys started to shake hands, then gave each other a big hug. It was a very warm reception between the two of them, and it was obvious these were two guys who really liked each other and really respected each other.

“Stan laid out his ideas for the series, they had a really terrific discussion going back and forth. A lot of Steve’s discussions had been fiery, but this one was just so warm and friendly.”

The meeting ran its course, and ended with Ditko cordially turning down the project.

“He just didn’t agree with some of the philosophical underpinnings,” DeFalco said. “Stan thanked him a lot, and they opened the door for future work together. Steve walked away, and I could tell he was really thrilled to have seen Stan.”

Lee then popped THE question: “Can you tell me why Steve left Spider-Man all those years ago?”

DeFalco, roused from his ultimate fanboy experience, was at a loss for words. “No, Stan. I was in high school at the time.” “Next time you talk to him, why don’t you ask him?” Lee said. “I’ve always been curious.”

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