McFarlane Open To More Spidey Work?

SPM004“Again, everything’s possible…”

Legendary comic artist Todd McFarlane recently spoke with about the possibility of doing more work with Spidey in the future: Speaking of Spider-Man, are there any circumstances under which you would ever draw Spider-Man for Marvel again?

Todd McFarlane: Let’s change a word or two in your question. To the wording of your question, the answer is no. Change a couple of words and say, “Are there any circumstances that I would draw Spider-Man ‘with’ not ‘for’ but ‘with’ Marvel?” Again, everything’s possible. And basically I’m saying , “Is it possible that someday I’ll wake up and have an itch to do a Spawn and Spider-Man crossover?” Yeah. Would Marvel be interested? I don’t know. I’d have to present it to them at that point. Maybe under a circumstance like that I could sort of have my cake and eat it too.

But will I go and draw a book solely for Marvel comic books on a full-time basis? No. Will I do it for DC? No. It’s not what I do. I’ve got lots of things that [I’m doing]. Like I said, I’m trying to figure out time to finish up that movie. So I’ve got lots of things to fill up whatever idle time I may have not doing comic books. And then like I said, I like to do coaching. I’ve got a family, and I’ve got the toy business. I’m quite busy, you know. And I told people that working for Marvel and DC both of them I had a good time with there. I met good people that work for the company and met lots of good friends at conventions and stuff. But I sort of put it in the same bucket as high school in that I enjoyed my time at high school, liked it, liked my friends there, but do I have any intention of ever going back to high school? No. Doesn’t mean that I hated high school. Doesn’t mean that I have a grudge against high school. It just means high school is in my past. Marvel comic books and DC comic books are in my past. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy my time while I was there.

So, in other words, “kinda sorta maybe, probably not, but maybe yes, maybe no, but definitely not positively no.”

–George Berryman!

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