Spidey Musical Choreographer Tackles Olympic Opening Ceremony

DEzralow2“I’m here to inspire you…”

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark choreographer Daniel Ezralow has worked on the central part of tomorrow night’s 2014 Olympic Opening Ceremony for over a year. He recently spoke with People magazine about his part in the ceremony:

“There will be a lot of wonderful things: the art of Russia and the beauty of Russia, and it’s exciting,” says Ezralow. As for whether the ceremony will address the international criticism of Russia’s policy towards gays, Ezralow says, “If we choose as humans to only focus on the negative, we will only see the negative.”
Olympics Opening Ceremony Choreographer Leaps from Spider-Man to Sochi| Winter Olympics 2014.

“There’s a lot of aerial stuff – it’s not so much human beings but there’s stuff in the air,” says Ezralow. “My choreography is very physical. And there’s also a lot of irony. I love to take things and twist them in a lighthearted way, and there is definitely a section that has a lot of joy to it.”

“I am not here to make a political statement with my work, I am not here to show you how terrible or tragic life can be, I’m here to inspire you,” says Ezralow. “I’m moving to move you. Hopefully I was able to serve these opening ceremonies in a way that inspires the world.”

The 2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony will be broadcast on Friday. Consult local listings.

–George Berryman!

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