Is Superior Foes of Spider-Man Ending With Issue #15?

SuperiorFoesLineupThat’s the latest rumor according to Rich Johnson of Bleeding Cool, anyway. As some folks may already know, Johnson has a knack for gathering potential scoops on comic book related news before any official announcements are made, the return of Peter Parker and the relaunching of Amazing Spider-Man being one recent example. So what’s his basis for the possibility that The Superior Foes of Spider-Man might soon be coming to an end?

 As Bleeding Cool readers know, you can often tell a planned cancellation of a title by a trade paperback listing of upcoming issues that seems to have more issues collected than you might expect.

So while the first trade paperback was the standard six issues long, the second is nine issues long.

Issue 12 is published in April. Issue 15 would be expected in June or July…

Sure enough, the listing for Superior Foes of Spider-Man Volume 2: Crime of the Century does indeed show it collects Superior Foes of Spider-Man #7-15. Not to mention this rumor also doesn’t contradict the earlier confirmation that Superior Foes of Spider-Man will still continue after issue #12, which Nick Spencer acknowledges wouldn’t have been possible without the continuing support from the fans.  Even so, unless this is a typo on’s part, this does appear to be some pretty strong circumstantial evidence. What also potentially gives this rumor more weight (and which is not mentioned in Johnson’s article) are the previous sales estimates for Superior Foes of Spider-Man, which were around 21,367 copies at a ranking of #106, just below the last issue of Scarlet Spider with 21,627. So if this rumor does indeed pan out, and that Superior Foes of Spider-Man #15 is the last issue, it would be a real shame, as this series is, bar none, one of the best ongoing titles Marvel is putting out on the stands and truly deserves all the praise it’s been receiving. 

However, there’s a potential silver lining, for Johnson also suggests the following:

Could [Superior Foes of Spider-Man] be succeeded by an Amazing Foes Of Spider-Man?

Which would make complete sense, given that Amazing Spider-Man is returning and how, under Marvel NOW!, regular titles are continually being relaunched and retitled with new #1 issues. So if any of this rumor is true, I’m keeping my fingers crossed about this series still continuing in some way shape or form.

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  1. hornacek

    I can kinda understand rebooting a series to #1 in some circumstances. Not agree with it, but understand. But then Marvel announces that among the series rebooting to #$1 is the new solo Wolverine series, which hasn't even made it to #20 yet. Why reboot a series with this few issues back to #1? No reason.

  2. George Berryman

    @2 - Agreed. The constant rebooting/renumbering is beyond asinine. But it's Marvel's new "vision™," so we're all stuck with it.@3 - Well 12 issues these days is a damn good run for something that's not an established hero title. Damn good. Let's just keep our fingers crossed.

  3. hornacek

    Great, not 2 weeks after I decide to start reading this title and buy all the back issues mainly because of the article saying "this book will continue after ASM returns", this happens.This is why I am leary of buying new series - the ones you like get canceled, and the ones that are just average last for years and years.

  4. daniel kibler

    All this numbering and re-numbering makes no sense. It'll be the same book and renaming the book wont make it as special.

  5. George Berryman

    The renumbering makes sense since anything over 11 issues is as stale as grandma's old shoes to the current Marvel. If they try to pull the plug on these stories and this team there will be riots in the streets. Riots, I sez!

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