Podcast #282-Firelord Friday Night Fight

Podcast282Feb2014picWe travel to back to October 1985 for this Friday Night Fight. Spider-Man takes on Firelord. 
Spidey has the proportionate strength of a spider. Firelord has the power cosmic and a glow stick. How can our hero possibly come out on top? 


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  1. Justin

    Great FNF! Really enjoyed it. For the second time this podcast caused me to go searching Marvel Unlimited to read the issues in question. Can you believe they weren't there. I've always been able to find the Spidey books I'm looking for on Unlimited. Heading to Comixology next. Thanks again for the great show.

  2. Scarlet Phantom

    I agree I like that tough witty throwback spiderman. Also I dont like how when carnage and kaine came on the scene spiderman just became weak in all phases

  3. ac

    If Slott doesn't like this story, it tells you all you need to know about Slott and why he shouldn't write Spiderman. That we've lost this version of spiderman, more than deals with the devil and the loss of the marriage, is why everything since BND sucks.

  4. Eddie

    #3 Exactly! Peter Parker's character is Spider-Man's greatest strength. #6 It's all about matchups in terms of super hero battles or sports. Certain opponents work well against certain adversaries (Stegron's tail being a case in point LOL). As for street level crime- Spider-Man sees his duty as protecting the innocent no matter if he has to fight The Enforcers or Juggernaut.

  5. Adam Tomlinson

    I'm going to play devils advocate here, I can understand why creators would not like this story. Firelord represents a vastly superior opponent. By defeating him, no street level baddie could really challenge Spider-Man anymore. The fight sounds awesome. I think Spider-Man's appeal comes from his willingness to keep trying even when the odds are against him. It sounds a lot like the first fight from the JMS run. But I can see why it's not for everyone. If Spider-Man goes back to fighting bank robbers next issue, he's not punching in his weight class, if he goes on to fight bigger cosmic treats he's too far removed from the real world that makes him relatable. Great episode of the podcast though it defiantly made me want to check the issue out.

  6. Lockdown

    I was 7 when this came out and I remember reading it and loving it. I even said: " Spider-Man is the best."

  7. daniel kibler

    How can dan slot and joe Quesada not like this story!! They rather have him cowering in the back or something?

  8. AmFan15

    I could not agree more, George. The greatest thing about Spidey is not his sense of humor...or his strength...it's not his web-slinging...it's not even his agility. No, Spider-Man's greatest trait is his inner strength. His ability to always keep trying, and to never back down, no matter what the risk. The Spidey I knew wouldn't need to call in the Avengers to deal with the Sinister Six...he could handle them on his own, all at once, and still come out on top. He could take on an entire team of X-Men and beat them all in a couple of panels. And he DAMN sure would never make a deal with the devil. (No, I won't let that one go.) It makes me sad that the powers that be have made Spider-Man into such a mockery instead of the truly great hero he should be.

  9. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    "We need to go back to Spider-Man being tough!" Damn right, Mr Berryman! During the eighties, the webhead defeated all kinds of heavyhitters. Juggernaught, Mr Hyde (while being encumbered with a bad ankle & dragging a squirming Cobra around), Firelord, the original Hobgoblin, The Wrecker & his Wrecking Crew, Zarathos etc etc. Another highlight for me is when he took on the majority of the badasses he beat during Acts Of Vengeance all at once and without his cosmic powers. Those guys were nothing to sneer at.Graviton, Goliath(Erik Josten), Titania, The Brothers Grimm and a couple of others. Sadly, Peter has been reduced to WoodyAllen-esque comedy relief during his Avengers tenure in the 2000's, which had bled over into his own titles from BND onwards. I guess it'll stay the same while Breevort, Slott & Quasada are at Marvel. Ah well..

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