Podcast#283-Amazing Returns, Digital Series, Naked Spidey, Lost Story

Podcast283Feb2014Highlights of the episode:
*Michael Bailey and George Berryman return to the show
*New review staff announcements
*Itune Reviews
*New Amazing Spider-Man digital series
*Amazing Spider-Man comic returns with a new number one issue. 
*Naked Spider-Man rock climber
*Spider-Man in the Avengers movie? 
*Movie news roundup
*Lost Spider-Man story by Peter David, Ron Frenz and John Romita
*Ditko redrawn by Kirby?

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  1. BD - Post author

    Blaine, I wasn't being rude. I put an lol after my comment. It was a bit rude on your end to say I had something to do with getting rid of the four. Either way, welcome back.

  2. BD - Post author

    Blaine, Where have you been? This show was released back in February. lol Was it my decision for the four to leave? No. Did it come as a shock to me? Yes, just like the listeners.

  3. Blaine

    It is absolutely appalling to me that the old cast of the podcast is gone. I can't help but feel BD had something to do with this. What's the true story?

  4. Scott

    WTF? Where did everyone go? I'm just catching up now to find out that 4 guys left the show?! As a regular listener I am floored by this.

  5. Adam Tomlinson

    It's the misadventures of some...mature gentlemen.http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/lastofthesummerwine/

  6. MadGoblin

    What is terribly sad is that except for the size of the glasses and frames (I wear wire) Elliot Gould is not that much of a stretch... and I have more gray hair.....I'll give you the Clooney/Berryman comparison, but I call foul on the other two...

  7. AmFan15

    I've finally gotten a chance to listen to this episode...in fact, I'm listening to it while I post this.As much as I'll miss Bertone, Chris, Don, and Kevin, it's great to hear Michael Bailey back. It seems like old times again, back in what I consider the golden age of the podcast...Brad, Michael, JR, Kevin, Zach, and Stella. You four have a great chemistry together, and it makes the show a blast to listen to. Looking forward to more!

  8. Eddie

    I'll reiterate here. That's great news Zach. I remember your departure from the podcast and knew this was different. I hope you might consider coming back to the podcast. They need you and not only because everyone under 40 left the show. :). I can't wait to find out what the new projects will be. I am also hopeful that I'll still be able to get my Don and Bertone fix from CSC. Now if you'll just get Kevin & Crazy Chris to drop by from time to time...

  9. Zach Joiner

    Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear.For the record: My departure from the podcast was different from this round of departures. They were two separate things.As for me leaving the site, I am not leaving the site. I still Administrate the Message Board. I still will do news posts (Although Berryman keeps beating me to them) I still am a person that deals with Behind-The-Scenes stuff that you never see.I am still friends with the other guys, I in fact spoke to almost of them over the last few days.We're still doing CSC. I have an episode with Josh, Don, Gerard and me that is halfway recorded and we're working on finishing up. I plan on posting a new Episode for your pleasure here on CS, and I've been working on making some new material for the front page. WE ARE NOT CLOSED UP. We're still a moving along. (In fact, I soon will have two new shows to talk about that are Spider-Related.)Still here folks. Not leaving anytime soon.-Spideydude

  10. Andrew Roebuck

    Great Podcast as always and fantastic panel for upcoming shows.I will miss Zach, Chris, Don, and Bertone though they have been podcasters I've followed for a while. Do they participate in any other podcasts that I could also listen to?

  11. JGC

    @6. Maybe it's the blackness inside my heart, but I absolutely loved the sass that everyone directed at you BD. Hysterical!

  12. Lars

    Absolutely, it will be a great panel now too, it's nice to hear Bailey again. But Bertone, Don and perhaps Zach has left the show and the message boards.

  13. JGC

    What a great show! As much as I'm going to miss Kevin (especially his Spider satellites), I think it was time to freshen up this podcast. I'm really glad Bailey is back, he is so well-spoken and it's interesting to hear his take on Spidey after having come back to the title after two years. George is George: he's gold. And if there's one true constant in my Spidey comic collecting career, it's JR. This is a dream cast, looking forward to many shows with this fantatsic four.

  14. Enigma_2099

    This is truly the podcast of amazing returns! Welcome back fellas!But I dunno... my heart still feels like something's missing. Like we need someone to make it feels complete.I know I'm not the only person that still misses her.

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