Weird Marel Collectibles #95-Typeface Halloween Costume

get-attachmentget-attachment-2In Peter Parker: Spider-Man vol. 2 #22, writer Paul Jenkins and artist, Mark Buckingham introduced Typeface. Typeface was an anti-hero that used letters other tricks as weapons against Spider-Man and criminals. In October of 2000 there was a contest to create an original costume based off of a Spider-Man villain for a party using pieces of a military costume, make-up and spelling letters. It won most original costume and a $10 gift card. The entire costume cost $10.


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  1. Adam Tomlinson

    @10 - interesting. I always suspected he was a shape shifter who was spying on Peter's attractive neighbour, and stumbled onto Peter's identity in the process. We could both be right, that would make for an interesting OGN.

  2. hornacek

    @7 - I like to think that Baxter was the interdimensional guardian of a doorway to other dimensions.

  3. Lockdown

    I was asked I believe about 7 times that night and 5 were from women. Sadly even though I was single at the time they were there with their boyfriends. But I can say I had an "A" for effort. I won most original but 1st went to this friend of mine who made an incredible Mad Hatter costume and this was 9 years before Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

  4. Adam Tomlinson

    Ryan - That is a great costume idea. One Halloween I dressed as Dr. Horrible, and had explain it a few times. How many times did you have to explain this one? @5 - That dog haunts me! He's my F.A.C.AD.E! What was he up to?

  5. Lockdown

    I was part of two of these types of contests. The first was as Typeface, which in the pre-facebook days of 2000 would have probably have gotten me so many likes and shares it would have went viral. The following year I ended up creating the Flash rogue, Murmur from mask to leather costume, Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver were so impressed it was part of the comicbloc boards for a few years. After almost a decade out of creating costumes based on obscured super villains I created Bomb Voyage from the Incredibles since one of the homecoming themes this year for my school was the Incredibles. I even worked on translating quotes from the movie into French and several teachers and students who were wearing the made up costumes from the movie were shocked how easily I put it together and impressed how well it mirrored the movie.

  6. Andrew_C

    I think it's fair to say this was not one of Paul's better villains. But I miss Fusion. He should be used more. (And Kevin the Cheese)

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