Spider-Ad # 15


This is an ad from 1978. I wonder if you can still order? It’s only been 36 years.

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  1. Danbbqman

    This is very cool. When I was a kid I joined F.O.O.M. - Friends Of Ol' Marvel. Of course, I have nothing left of thee membership kit.

  2. Jeff Gutman

    That's the one! It also came with some advertisement sheets for some iron-on t-shirts (non-spidey related). Somewhere I've got the whole kit, but until today I've never seen another copy (online or otherwise!)

  3. Jeff Gutman

    Actually a guy named tellshiar posted some pictures on ebay of what was in the kit - I forgot about the "autographed" picture, the 4"x5"cards (featuring different covers including ASM #97 and... Stegron???) and the membership certificate...

  4. Jeff Gutman

    Also, there was a one page sheet featuring exercises that kids should do to stay in shape. It featured drawings of Spidey demonstrating how to do the workout. Also, there was a membership card and a letter saying that I could expect a monthly newsletter that would be coming to me (it never came of course)

  5. Jeff Gutman

    So for the record there were 3 posters included - the black and white one to color with crayons (which I think I did) and the two posters featured in the ad...

  6. Jeff Gutman

    I sent away for this! I got the most amazing fan club kit! It was a yellow folder with original Romita artwork on the front. The inside panels told the history of Spidey up to the Death of Gwen (written by Stan Lee!) There was a poster to color of Spidey going up an elevator shaft (again Romita). I chose the 2 posters over the 2 t-shirts and they were awesome. had them on my wall as a kid. Anyway, I've been looking online for information on this membership kit and its worth and I can't find another copy anywhere!

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