More 2099 Tidbits. David Definitely Not On Board?

SM2099CNFRM“Will It Be A May Made For Miguel?” is citing a note by outgoing editor Steve Wacker in the letters column of Superior Spider-Man #27 as confirmation that we’re getting a Spider-Man 2099 title (probably in May).

Yesterday on Twitter, Peter David said he wasn’t involved on any Spider-Man 2099 title, which left Spider-Fans wondering if he was just being coy or using selective wording.

David has once again reaffirmed via Twitter that he’s not working on a Spider-Man 2099 title. But that apparently doesn’t mean we’re not getting a title featuring Miguel in May. In fact it looks very likely that we are!

–George Berryman!

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  1. Junaid Ahmed

    What is Marvels problem anyway? When the new scarlet spider series came out in 2012 they hired Christopher Yost (who was still awesome by the way) to write it instead of J.m. dematties who understands Kaine more then any other writer and now with Spider-Man 2099 they are not having Peter David? .....oh well whatever pleases you Marvel.....

  2. Stillanerd

    Yeah, a new Spider-Man 2099 and Peter David not writing it is missed opportunity on Marvel's part, IMO.

  3. hornacek

    If there's a new Miguel Ohara series, and it's not written by Peter David (the only one to write the character well back in the 2099 days) or Dan Slott (the only one to write the character recently), then what's Marvel's rationale for who they choose? Even if it's someone good, it just feels like if it's not David or Slott then why bother? Not that I don't want a Spidey 2099 book, and maybe some new writer could surprise all of us, but it just feels like they're thinking "hey, let's give this book to some other writer even though every fan wants it to be either David or Slott." Cautiously optimistic.

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