Details on First Rebooted ASM Story Arc, #1.1 – #1.5

Spider-Man-Year-One-TEASE1“Spoilers Ahoy!”

Spider-writer Dan Slott has spoken to the Associated Press about the first story arc in the new rebooted Amazing Spider-Man title.

Best just to put all of it below the spoiler line.

Here’s what we know of the first story arc based on Slott’s comments from the AP article:

The story deals with Spider-Man’s early days of crime-fighting.
The five-part story titled Learning To Crawl starts May 7 with Amazing Spider-Man 1.1 and concludes in September with issue 1.5. Slott is writing the interlude with art by Ramón Pérez. Artist Alex Ross has painted each of the story’s five covers.
There will be a new villain “never before revealed who may or may not be Parker’s peer, inspired by newspaper and TV reports of Spider-Man’s actions.” This villain is also referred to as “Ditko-esque.”

Quotes from Slott:

“When you’re looking at things in those issues, you’re going ‘Wait a minute! How did this happen? How did he get this? Where did this come from? ‘Why didn’t Aunt May ever wonder about that?'” he said.

“You start looking at it closer and closer and you go ‘There’s a story here that we’re not seeing. A very pivotal and crucial story that lovingly respects everything that went on but tells you more, so much more about Spider-Man and so much more about Peter Parker.”

“Someone’s running around trying to be just like Spider-Man and there’s no way in Peter’s mind that he’s not responsible for everything that guy’s going to do.”

“He’s got his first villain who is his own age, someone that he’s inspired instead of clashing with The Vulture or Doctor Octopus or the Lizard, all of whom were adults and authority figures.”

“He’s a troubled teen hero fighting a troubled teen villain!”

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–George Berryman!

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  1. Jack Brooks

    Very, very tired of Dan Slott. His true creative enthusiasm burst forth with SSM with Otto, which exposed his ASM as mediocre. His years of ADD Peter were spotty at best (no profound, high-impact stories; just years of kinetic gears-in-motion), and sales dragged around in the mid to low 50K. Time for someone else to take a turn!

  2. JGC

    That's a gorgeous cover! So far, I'm intrigued. Slott said this story is in the same vein as his Spidey/Human Torch mini-series way back in the day - and that was awesome!

  3. cubman987

    Dan Slott cleared this up on twitter since there was confusion. This story will feature a teenage Peter Parker and is a "Year One Story. From may until September we will be getting 1 regular Amazing Spider-man title (#1, 2,3,etc) and one Amazing Spider-man: Year One title, which has the weird numbering.

  4. Adam Tomlinson

    The concept sounds interesting. Spider-Man does always seem to be fighting older characters, or be acting as a guide for younger ones. Fighting a contempory is an interesting approach. Spider-Man 3 tried this with Venom, but that was lost along the way. Numbering and renumbering doesn't bother me, but the point things is going to get confusing when we look back in the future, because there's no consistancy to how they use it.

  5. erik

    Heh, "year one"? They could have been a little more original! I'm still hoping we'll get some fresh blood on the title before too much longer so ill hold out hope that slott will move on after this mini. Futile, I know.

  6. George Berryman - Post author

    Yeah Bleeding Cool had been using that J. Scott Campbell variant that was up on the Midtown Comics site and thinking that could be the 2099 title. But Bleeding Cool now points out that the Midtown site has since changed that to 'Amazing Spider-Man 1.1.' So that makes sense. No Miguel O'Hara title, at least not yet. That... well that <i>sucks.</i>

  7. dalkeil

    The .1 numbering is just stupid, just call it issues 1 to 5 and be done with it. Or release it as a mini.

  8. Nick MB

    It sounds like the point issues (1.1 - 1.5) might be coming out monthly, so maybe alongside the regular ASM series by Slott/Ramos? Like, every month for five months we get one issue of ASM and one issue of past-ASM, so it's basically a flashback mini-series. I guess we'll find out for sure when the May solicits hit.

  9. Lockdown

    I'm with Georgr here. Seems more as an untold tale that happened in his early days and that said villain returns. Dan Slott is not the first writer to do this and see the story angle.

  10. George Berryman - Post author

    In fairness folks I don't believe they're "making" him a teen. It seems fairly certain that some of the story will deal with events that took place in his "early days" (i.e. teens) and some of it takes place in the present. Maybe he's recalling past events and how they tie into something happening current day; maybe he's just remembering past events while trying to get back his memories. There's not enough to go on yet but I don't think they're making the present day Peter a teenager again.

  11. Nick MB

    I don't really see anything offensively spinning or lying in there, it's hardly a crime for a writer to be enthused about their own work - to be honest, I'm mostly happy Marvel have opted to promote the premise of the story without releasing a load of spoilers for once.

  12. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    That whole article, quotes and all reek of fluff, hype &amp; serious spin. Can Slott even handle 2 titles per month?

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