Podcast # 284- Superior 25 & 26 Reviews

Podcast284Feb2014picHighlights include:
*Review of Superior Spider-Man # 25
*Review of Superior Spider-Man # 26
*Discussion on who is Spider-Man’s biggest foe,Norman or Otto
*Theories on who is behind the Green Goblin mask.


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  1. Jack Brooks

    According to the American Son mini-series, Harry was computer-skillful enough to hack into the American son armor and in that way defeat Gabriel. So Harry does have the compuer skills to pull off something like this. As GG he could have been about to say "How dare you talk about my good name!" However, Lily despises Harry, so I don't see her calling him, "My lord." But I can see Lily kow-towing to a different Osborn heir -- either Gabriel or Normie, This GG said that he and Otto were never the worst of enemies. Gabriel and Otto never were enemies. Norman and Otto were in fact enemies: GG brainwashed Otto once, and got Otto nearly killed. (I believe that was Norman.) However, I don't think that Harry as the Goblin had much if any relationship with Otto. My vote is for Normie, experiencing back-and-forth growth spurts. It might help explain why Normie was standing there at Alchemax in a little-man's suit. Normie has had hostile feelings toward Spider-Man, and the Stacey twins showed that the Goblin formula can abnormally speed up physical growth. Normie was the one in that group to whom SpOck's spider-sense was reacting. I'm going to guess that "Mason Banks" is Norman, the shadowy second man seem in that trailer was Harry, and that they came together to cure/stabilize Normie. Maybe Harry was behind the retrieval of Norman's comatose self.

  2. George Berryman

    J.R. Fettinger, folks! Don't forget to tip your waitress! <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/oShTJ90fC34" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  3. Madgoblin

    That's "old people" thinking, Jack. That's not hip, young with-it thinking, and Marvel only really wants hip young with-it thinkers reading their books. Marriage (or a COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP) is a happy ending - that's when your life goes on auto-pilot and from then on you never have a moment of drama, conflict, intrigue, or ANYTHING. You're just sitting in front of the TV waiting for those Social Security checks to come in. Besides, there's some ten year old out there who hasn't read a Spider-Man story of Peter trying to get laid so it's all new to him!

  4. Jack Brooks

    I thought "Carlage" was outstanding. Carlie is the Wesley Crusher of SSM/ASM. Marvel needs to just put Peter and MJ back together, and stop all the tired, been-done-a-thousand-times minuet. But first they have to accept that "internal conflict' is not the only thing that makes a couple interesting. That's teen-ager thinking. Has Marvel never heard of elements like "humor" and "charm"? The history of stories is filled with entertaining couples whose appeal wasn't based on "will they or won't they?", or fighting. In the 1940s you had William Powell and Myrna Loy in the Thin Man mysteries, in the 1970s and 80s you had "Hart to Hart", and so forth. Marvel needs to get its head out of the past, and stop thinking in terms of soap-opera cliches. The day of "Who is Peter going to be with?" are long gone. No one reads ASM to see that, any more than people read FF to see if Reed is going to have an affair.

  5. Adam Tomlinson

    Great show guys, the alternative names for Carlie were very clever. I did have one thought regarding the MJ scene. When MJ said she can "feel" Peter's back, I thought she was refering to ghost-Peter's return. Slott has said they are soul-mates, and I thought he was actually giving her a bit of intuition that she can sense Peter is back in there.

  6. JGC

    This show was very good. Well done guys! George, Pascual Ferry was supposed to draw SSM #26 but he backed out. Ramos was the last minute fill-in and he knocked it out of the park!

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