Weird Marvel Collectibles # 97-Spider-Valentines

Spidey has been on Valentines Day cards dating back as far as the 1970s.

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  1. hornacek

    Was that written by Micheline? If it wasn't Micheline then I can't remember the writer off the top of my head, but there's a podcast where Brad interviews him and they talk about that story, about the bomb threat and how Marvel reacted to it and how subsequent chapters in that story were rewritten.

  2. irishfan

    different day related but given its st patricks day did any one ever here the the story where spidy went up against the IRA in london and belfast. possibly a lot of british consolate in new york influence on the story or marvels own ignorance who knows but a load of irish americans went mental at historical inacuricies and misrepresentations, some bomb warnings where made, not saying it was right or wrong but bit of a mad irish story for the day thats in it. Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig

  3. hornacek

    What is the deal with the non-mailable envelopes? Would the post office bring them back to your house if you tried to use them to send something through the mail?

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