Creator Showcase #2 – Steve Skroce


Steve Skroce is a Canadian comic book and movie story artist, his first Marvel’s work was on Clive Barker’s Ectokid from the early 1990s Razor line. He quickly became a must have artist and moved to Cable vol. 1 #16 and then moved to X-Man vol. 1 #15 for Marvel Comics. His first work for Spider-Man was in 1996’s Amazing Spider-man vol. 1 #418, part 3 of the Revelations storyline that marked Norman Osborn’s return and the death of baby May. Skroce’s work was marked as very fluid and similar to Joe Mad’s work on Uncanny X-Men in the mid 90s.

One of his best known stories was with writer Tom DeFalco in Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #420 “The Night before X-Man” that at the time had Peter Parker come to terms with Aunt May’s “death” in 1996. The following summer, Steve Skroce was the first artist to redesign Electo sans his classic mask and then became the artist responsible for bringing back Dr. Octopus during Tom DeFalco’s resurrection storyline that also lead to the recently return Spider-Man villain, Stunner’s comatose state. He was also known for the famous Spider-Man coin that appeared in 1997 at a local comic book store near you (I use to own one). Skroce left Spider-Man a few months later to relaunch Young Blood under Alan Moore before the series came to an abrupt stop following problems with the company. He returned to relaunch Gambit vol. 3 in the late 90s and was well known for his work on Wolverine before leaving to take over as story board artist for The Wachowskis Brothers for the Matrix. Skroce has continued to serve as story board artist for V is for Vendetta, Cloud Atlas and the upcoming Jupitar Ascending.

Personally, I enjoyed Skroce’s earlier work on Spider-Man before he started having schedule conflicts following the end of the Dr. Octopus storyline. While his run on Gambit was brief his work on the Wachowkis movies has been outstanding. I still love his insulated Spider-Man suit and The Night before X-Man is one of my favorite 90s story lines.

Amazing Spider-Man: #427-430
Amazing Spider-Man: #420
Gambit vol.3 #1

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  1. Big Al

    @#6-You're not alone BD. When I was first reading Skroce's stuff I was too young to care about the art, but re-reading it now, his Spider-Man is okay but his human characters suuuuuuuuck. I do love 90s Luke Ross though. I really wish either Joe Bennett or even mid 90s Ron Garney had become the main artists on the book. It was especially bad since Skroce followed on right after Bagley

  2. BD

    He's one of my least favorite Amazing Spider-Man artists. I just never dug his style. I think I'm in the minority here. I'm also in the minority when it comes to Luke Ross 1990s Spidey. His style has improved.

  3. Dr. Pooper

    Loved his short run on Spidey. One thing that stands out is the depths he'd go to show the kinetics of Spidey. Those panels where you'd see the tons and tons of "ghost Spidey's" showing very planned out his fast movements. It was like watching a really cool cartoon, you could imagine him moving as your eyes scanned the page and followed Spidey get to where he was. Ah, too cool!

  4. Adam Tomlinson

    Skroce (my auto correct changes it to skyrocket?) Drew one of the first issues I ever picked up #427. Part 2 of the resurrection of Doc Ock. I traced his Spider-Man when I wanted to draw Spider-Man.

  5. JGC

    I loved Skroce in the late 90's and was sad that his ASM run was so short. I met Steve at a comic convention in Montreal when he just finished drawing ASM #425 - the debut of the padded insulated Spidey suit. I thought it was cool as well and told Steve that. He rolled his eyes and said, "DeFalco's idea."

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