MTV have reported on the latest series of Marvel Minimates. The new line, based on the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, will feature Peter, Gwen, Electro and hints at the look of the film’s Green Goblin.

More pictures after the jump, for those afraid of spoilers.

5 Responses to “Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Minimates”

  1. #1 spideydude says:

    There is another site that reportedly reveals who the goblin is.

  2. #2 Adam Tomlinson says:

    I thought I knew who it was, but now you’ve said that I’m starting to doubt myself…

  3. #3 symbiotic spider says:

    #3 Diamond Select said it was a typo. Harry is the Protogoblin.

  4. #4 Lockdown says:

    After seeig the Lego Movie I want to see these guys arguing.

  5. #5 Jake says:

    I thought we all knew Harry was the Goblin, but now I have all these doubts…

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