Ultimate Spider-Man Bankrupt

Drake-Bell-Spider-Man-e1311518680264Ultimate Spider-Man voice actor Drake Bell has filed for bankruptcy. Bell voices Spider-Man on the cartoon and it seems he was spending more than he made in 2013 according to US Weekly.  I think he needs to ask Marvel for a raise.

Here are how the numbers work out. 

*Owes $1.5 million dollars
*2012 Earnings $408,000
*2013 Earnings: $14,099
*Monthly Expenses $18,000
*Monthly Income $2,920

I think you could modify Uncle Ben’s speech in this instance to say “With great power, comes great financial responsibility.” 

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(12) Comments

  1. WebbedSentry

    Wow, just wow. Though with season 3, hopefully he can pull himself out of debt... But dayum, over 1 million.......

  2. Big Al

    It wasn't even like he just overspent. He REALLY overspent. $1.5 million. Jeez. Presumably he's getting more cash than just from his voice acting on USM.

  3. Jeff Flannigain

    How did he only make $14,099 in all of 2013?? You can work at a fast food place part-time and make more than that in a year.

  4. sthenurus

    Well now that the show has been renewed, maybe he<ll be able to settle his debt and learn an important lesson about responsability

  5. Enigma_2099

    "it seems he was spending more than he made in 2013..." ... and here is where my sympathy ends. You're in trouble, because you did something you shouldn't have. Or was he trying to buy health isurance? Cause that might explain things too. ... health care is really expensive.

  6. Lockdown

    I remember reading years ago that the voice actor who did Fufur on NBC Saturday Morning cartoons had the same problem going into season 2. As a result he ended up keeping all of his earnings in the final 3rd season and settled his debts in 4 years and then was only spending money on needed items afterward with his future work.

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