Thanks to PunyParker from our message boards this morning for the heads-up!

–George Berryman!

4 Responses to “Two New ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Behind the Scenes Featurettes With New Footage”

  1. #1 PunyParker says:

    Always happy to serve ,George! :)

    The Dupstep in the movie is bugging me,but the humor is nice.

  2. #2 Adam Tomlinson says:

    That top video has me convinced. This looks…damn I need another way to say Amazing!

  3. #3 masterwslinger says:

    Does anyone know what Peter says to Gwen? It sounds like “Shut the f__ up”. I keep thinking what could be saying “Shut, it up?”

  4. #4 QuilSniv says:

    @2- how about Spectacular? That works… I think.

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