Clone Memories #2: Scarlet Spider Joins the New Warriors

NewWarriorsIf you thought that Kaine (Sans Hoodie) joining the New Warriors was something new, it is in fact a homage to his predecessor, Ben Reilly, joining the team in the 90s. 

What made him join up in the 90s? Was it for story reasons? Nope! It was for reasons even better! You see in 1994, Tom DeFalco was removed from his duties as Editor in Chief. Instead of making a single replacement, the geniuses at Marvel’s ownership made 5 Editors in Chief over the various parts of Marvel Line. No longer were you reporting to Tom D, who turned down a Vice-President Job and became freelance, you had in the case of Spider-Man reported to Bob Budiansky. (The others for the record were: the X-Men Group (EIC: Bob Harras), the Marvel Heroes Group (EIC: Mark Gruenwald), the Marvel Edge Group (EIC: Bobbie Chase), the Licensed Titles/Marvel Alterniverse Group (EIC: Carl Potts). In this massive change, the Spider-Man Group was told that the New Warriors were to be added to their stable of books which included Amazing, Spectacular, Web of, Unlimited, and Adjectiveless Spider-Man. 

According to Life of Reilly (A MUST-READ if you like the Clone Saga) this was the explaination of what Gleen Greenburg’s role was in this:

Tom Brevoort and [Glenn Greenburg] were phased in to the Spider-Man Group. Tom was a full editor, and [Greenburg] had been his assistant for about a year or two by this point. We were to produce special Spider-Man projects in addition to monthly titles like NEW WARRIORS, which we had just inherited from another editor.

AND SO… To irritate the Berryman, I present to you the cover of issue 62 of New Warriors. The Hoodie flapping in the wind and all.

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  1. Big Al

    God, I hated those New Warriors issues with Scarlet Spider. He just didn't need to be there at all

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