Starting in May the Watcher is murdered by an unknown assailent and his eyes are missing. The Watcher’s eyes contain all the knowledge he has seen and he has seen something that Spider-Man isn’t going to like.

In Spider-Man, readers will learn a second person was bitten by the radioactive spider which gave Peter Parker his powers.

“All of the Original Sin tie-ins will show things being revealed that will have long-term effects on the characters, and how they look at themselves in the mirror and how others look at them,” says Alonso. “Will see at least one instance where a hidden part of the past will change how two Marvel characters look at each other forever.”

Could this relate to the shocking ending that was seen at the end of Spider-Men? Could Miles Morals have been a student during Peter’s fateful day from another school? Or is something even more shocking enstore for Spider-Man going into the tie in books this summer? Discuss.

Ryan Read

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23 Responses to “How Original Sin ties into Spider-Man this Summer”

  1. #1 Jason says:

    Refresh my memory – what happened at the end of issue 5 of Spider-Men?

  2. #2 Jake says:

    #1 – Peter searches up Miles Morales when he returns to Earth-616. The comic ends with him looking horrified.

  3. #3 Adam Tomlinson says:

    @Jason, Peter goggled Miles Morales, and looked surprised at what he saw. Hinting that Miles does exist in the main universe.

  4. #4 Adam Tomlinson says:

    @2 – wow, we are pretty much word for word 🙂

  5. #5 Jason says:

    I thought there was something more than that. Thanks guys.

  6. #6 hornacek says:

    @1 – He googles Miles’ name, says “Oh boy!”, and leaps. Credits.

  7. #7 hornacek says:

    “readers will learn a second person was bitten by the radioactive spider which gave Peter Parker his powers”

    Oh please let it be Captain Power!

  8. #8 hornacek says:

    (sorry for multiple posts, my post is not being accepted so I’m breaking it up to see which part is causing the rejection)

    Isn’t it stated right in the origin story that the spider died after biting Peter? Was it just unconscious and Peter thought it was dead?

    And I wonder how this “second bite” happened since the guy from Tangled Web #1-3 (The Thousand) picked up the spider after he saw it bite Peter, took it home, and ate it. Yes folks, that happened.

  9. #9 hornacek says:

    And what about the spider-totem stuff? It was theorized that Peter was chosen to receive these powers, and the spider was just used as a vessel to transfer them to him – the radiation had nothing to do with it. It was never stated whether this was correct or not, but the spider-totem/Other stuff was brought back recently in Scarlet Spider, so Marvel is not trying to avoid ever mentioning it again.

  10. #10 hornacek says:

    (sorry, last post – after much editing, hopefully this part is accepted too)

    But who cares about continuity! The spider bit someone else after Peter? Sure, why not? Even though we have stories that state that couldn’t have happened, go for it Marvel, rewrite Amazing Fantasy #15!

  11. #11 herbiepopnecker says:

    “Forever” in marvel-speak usually isn’t.
    Keep that in mind.

  12. #12 Jason says:

    @8, 9, and 10
    Yeah, I’ve had problems with posts not appearing as well, for some unknown reason.

    What is this Tangled Web you speak of?

  13. #13 Adam Tomlinson says:

    @12 Spider-Man’s Tangled web was an ongoing series in the earlier 2000’s. It was an anthology that told different stories by different writers.

    The fist arc, by Garth Ennis, was a story called the Thousand. It was revealed that a class mate of Peter’s found the spider, and ate it. It gave him the ability to turn into 1000 spiders. He was also a little crazy.

  14. #14 Jason says:

    @13. Hmm interesting.

  15. #15 PunyParker says:

    At Marvel,nobody gives a crap about what JMS did……

  16. #16 Lockdown says:

    Seems like it @15. You have to wonder how much of 1,000 still happened. Of course Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends one-shot is in continuity as it will be talked about in Amazing X-Men #7 when the Spider-Friends reunit.

  17. #17 hornacek says:

    @15 – That’s what I thought too, but then Yost (?) brought it back in Scarlet Spider. And he didn’t just mention it briefly in one issue – it was a major plot point in multiple issues.

  18. #18 PunyParker says:

    In Scarlet Spider.Not in “Avengers” or “Amazing Spider-Man” …..it wouldn’t be mentioned in a bok that has a massive audience……as much as we hate to admit it,Scarlet Spider wasn’t selling good…so they said “Meh…what the hell,put it in.”

    Guggenheim mentioned Morlun in BND issue, though……

  19. #19 hornacek says:

    @18 – The Gauntlet brought back Ezekiel when it seemed like no one wanted to mention any of the Spider-Totem stuff. Yes it was the Chameleon in disguise, but still, for one issue it looked like that character had returned.

  20. #20 irishfan says:

    some bloke called larry. used the powers, reflexes, spidy sense and all that to become the best video gamer possible, he hasn’t had what could be called an exciting life, even amazing, no one wears his face on a t shirt but larry’s happy enough. peter parker finds out and wonders is it actually true that with great power comes great responsibility.

    or maybe flash thomson, somehow. bullied peter but knew he was the real coward because he didn’t use his new powers. bit far fetched but is nick furry white again, not good.

  21. #21 hornacek says:

    @20 – That’s as far-fetched as Flash Thompson going into space. Oh, wait a minute.

  22. #22 251stormbringer says:

    Finally it will be revealed that Aunt May was bitten by the spider! Because she was 90 when it bit her, she didn’t manifest powers immediately. That or she’s kept her powers hidden for years, faking her constant health problems to keep Peter in a state of guilt so he’d never leave her!

  23. #23 hornacek says:

    First Golden Oldie, then wearing an Iron Man armor in The Other, and now this!

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