Spider-Art # 168

1891264_10202477084741716_52888556_nHere’s a 1967 Jack Kirby drawing of Spider-Man. Erik Larson shared this on the Kirby Fan Club Facebook page and had some interesting quotes about Kirby’s Spider-Man.

“Kirby always gets Spider-Man’s costume wrong–sometimes gloriously so!”

“The Spider-Man on Kirby’s Amazing Fantasy cover was no doubt fixed by Ditko. There’s a reason Ditko always inked Kirby’s Spider-Man stuff early on and Romita did later on.”

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  1. Bill

    In a historical sense, that's a cool drawing though. Although I've always found it mind boggling that one of the greatest comic book artists of all time could not draw a decent Spider-Man to save his life. Just goest to show that even the best of the best aren't always perfect.I guess we should all be thankful that Stan Lee recognized that Kirby wasn't the right artist for the wall-crawler, or the history Marvel might have been very different.

  2. William

    Being the talented artist Jack Kirby was and how he could draw such intricate costumes such as on the New Gods and complicated machinery with such ease and majesticity, it's always baffled me why he could never get Spider-Man's costume right. Was he unable to? Just not interested? Not his forté? We're talking about KING KIRBY here!

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