Podcast # 286- Feb 2001 Spider-History

Podcast286Feb2014picTake a trip back in time with JR as we go back to February 2001. JR reviews the following comics
*Spider-Man V2 #26
Daredevil/ Spider-Man #2

Mysterio Manifesto #2

Spider-Man/ Marrow #1

Sentry/ Spider-Man #1



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  1. Lockdown

    I agree, the Mysterio Manifesto Tom DeFalco really tried to make it all work but it just didn't and I remember when I read Kevin Smith's reason for killing Beck. I was like: "You have to be kidding me!" I also remember picking up the Spider-Man/Marrow one-shot. The plan was for Marrow to lead a new version of the Morlocks but the series never came together (Scott Lobdell loved Marrow for some reason). Then of course they found a great use for Marrow in Weapon X a few years later and then they cancelled that. Now, Marrow is a confused mess in the current X-Force series. I actually really enjoyed the Daredevil/Spider-Man mini. However, it ruined Parts of a Hole story in Daredevil at the time since the storyline hadn't finished (wouldn't for 5 months later) about the Kingpin being blind then. Gladiator was some new guy but I loved when they did with Stilt-Man.

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