Spectacular Spider-Man Coming to Blu-Ray

spectacular-spiderman-complete-seriesThis is great news for fans of Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. It will be getting a complete series release on Blu Ray. According to Amazon it will be released on April 22nd and is selling for a little over $40. The complete season two was never released on DVD, so I’ll be picking this up. Would you like to hear another podcast with producer Greg Weisman and Josh Keaton? I think it might be time to interview these two in April since it’s been a few years they were last on the show. 

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  1. JRT

    Yeah,I saw those volumes,but was sure.....as with everything else.....it would come out as a complete set so didn't buy into the whole getting them by volume thing. Greedy wankers. They're doing a Paramount,getting all the money they can from Trekkers,which I also don't buy into. GEE,I'm so happy I'm not a fanatical completist,lol! So I guess I'll be getting this instead,which is cool as I loved the show.J-R!

  2. Big Blue

    @ JR!: Season Two did not have a Complete Season release like Season One. You were able to pick up the four individual volumes to complete Season Two. Seeing Spectacular in Hi-Def would be really cool. Still wish it could have ran longer... Such an awesome show. Was the best Spidey show to date... Including the 90s cartoon and the current Ultimate cartoon...

  3. 666andahalf

    @#14 I was hoping the Avengers DVDs would have that... Maybe a Blu Ray of that show could include it as a bonus feature.

  4. Hobo-Goblin

    It won't happen, but it'd be insanely cool if they included the Avengers eps that guest-starred Spidey...but with Josh Keaton's performance restored.It won't happen, but it's fun to dream.

  5. Tijean86

    Great news! I have season 1 on dvd and season 2 on i-tunes (as it was never released on dvd in the uk) but would love to get the Blu Ray edition. It's so good it actually trumped my sentimental choice, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, for my favourite Spider-Man show.Another interview would be excellent if you can make it happen!

  6. JRT!

    Where did you find the complete season 2 on dvd? It was never officially released and I've been looking everywhere as I only have season 1. Will most likely pick this up though.J-R!

  7. Robert

    I have the complete series on DVDs. Both the first and second seasons were released I even have the individual covers for each, which look amazing, of the episodes put into volumes. I will say this looks cool and may pick it up on Blu-Ray.

  8. hornacek

    I've been waiting quite awhile for the second season to get released so this is great news.Another vote for Greg and Josh on another podcast.

  9. Adam S.

    I finally watched the whole series a couple years ago and really loved it. It's become my favorite Spider-Man adaptation. Definitely going to get this at some point.Another podcast with those guys would be pretty cool.

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