Superior Spider-Man Team Up Allegedly Canceled

SSMTEAM2013012-colBleeding Cool is reporting that Superior Spider-Man Team Up is canceled with #12. There isn’t a new solicitation for May. Also they’re reporting fan-favorite artist Ron Frenz will fill in on issue # 11 and #12 instead of Marco Checchetto who was originally solicited.  Are you upset with the allegedly cancellation? Discuss in the comment section. 

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  1. Nickw

    I not suprised but in my opinion the series had some great artwork. In the short term Im not suprised but I really hope ock and peter dont continue sharing the same body.

  2. 666andahalf

    Now Brad has an excuse to interview him on the podcast again. BD - Just get everyone at marvel on the show this year. Might as well go all-in at this point. :)

  3. Nick MB

    I'd be more surprised if Superior Team-Up hadn't been cancelled, really. The only question is whether it'll be replaced with another team-up book afterwards, or if they decide this format hasn't worked.

  4. Jason

    Never read it (except I did purchase issues 9 and 10 since they seemed to have a little bit of a tie-in with Superior Spider-Man). But how can anyone be upset - if Superior Spider-Man won't exist in a few months, how can you continue to have him team up with other heroes?

  5. Old Guy

    No wonder the Midtown Comics Marvel Subscriptions Web Page is down. They have no idea what books will be used to fill which subscriptions .....

  6. Y: The Last Nerd

    With Peter back, this was inevitable. The other option would be to rename/relaunch with a new title. Chechetto is no great loss. Although his art is very good, his "timetable" can be very inconsistent. It'll be fantastic to see Ron Frenz back, if briefly. Hope he's brought Sal along as his inker. Still convinced "Spectacular" & "Web Of" will be back some time this year.

  7. AmFan15

    Never read the book, so I don't really care about it being cancelled. But I was already planning on picking up #11, since it features the long-awaited team-up between Doc Ock and Green two favorite Spidey villains. And now you're telling me RON FRENZ will be penciling it? OH, HELL YEAH!!! :)

  8. Tyson

    Upset? Yes. Since I was enjoying this book more than the main title. Surprised? No. I was expecting it to get "canceled" and rebooted with a new number one as soon as it hit double digits anyway.

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