Podcast # 287-Spider-Satellites Reviews & Two Ultimate Spider-Man Reviews

Podcast287Feb2014PicGeorge and Brad tackle five Spider-Satellite reviews. We tackle the following books in the show.
*Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3
*Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #4
*Inhumanity: Superior Spider-Man #1
*Mighty Avengers #5
*Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #9

George also reviews two episodes of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.
*Season 1 – Episode 07 ‘Exclusive’ (Spidey, MJ, Hulk)
*Season 2 – Episode 20 ‘Game Over’ (Cap, Wolverine Arcade)


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(6) Comments

  1. Lockdown

    The satellite titles are about to really drop. Sure New Warriors will count due to Kaine. However, if you look at the point 1s starting in May it will be at the worse 3 titles.

  2. Jeff Gutman

    The Marvel Knights series has to be one of the worst series Marvel has put out in years. I'd be curious to see a written post review of issue 5. Any plans for the site to review that one?

  3. hornacek

    (see if this part posts now)Cursing bleeped out with a car-horn, women taking their tops off to reveal skimpy bikinis, Super Dave, Tom Harvey, multiple t-shirts, and the Bigot Family, lots of good memories from Bizarre. Oh, and anytime Billy Barty got to punch Byner in the tictacs was comedy gold.

  4. hornacek

    (Grr, comments aren't posting again)Oh man, I remember Bizarre! Growing up in Canada we waited all week to watch it on Friday nights. Even as kids we could tell this was not a normal network tv show.

  5. hornacek

    Haven't listened to this yet, but only 5 satellites this month? Has the satellite bubble burst for Spider-Man comics?

  6. George Berryman

    In this case I make a reference to Arcade reminding me of John Byner from Bizarre. For those of you who aren't fossils like Brad and I, John Byner is a comedian and actor who had a variety show called 'Bizarre.' It aired in Canada and was shown here in the states on Showtime. It's where Super Dave Osborne (Dave Einstein, Albert Brooks' brother) got his start.Here is a still showing why John Byner reminded me of Arcade back in the day:<img src='http://i.imgur.com/MgWK9zC.jpg'>

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