Sony Wants It To Rain Spider-Man Movies

ASM2SGF“Will audiences be itching to get a yearly fix of Spider-Man?”

Collider has an article up today reporting that Sony wants at least one Spider-Man movie released each year, including the already-mentioned Venom and Sinister Six vehicles.

Marc Webb will be returning for the third installment of the Spider-reboot, while ASM2 screenwriters Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinkner already started work on Amazing Spider-Man3 last year. Sony wants to kick in production on the next Spider-movie this fall, which will mean either Venom (directed by Alex Kurtzman) or the Sinister Six, which is set to be directed by Drew Goddard. Goddard is also busy putting together the upcoming Daredevil series for Marvel Studios and Netflix.

One important observation is made by Collider’s Adam Chitwood:

The big question with releasing a new Spider-Man film every year, though, is whether audiences will become fatigued. Marvel can get away with releasing two new movies a year because they have separate franchises with separate characters and wildly different tones; Thor and Captain America are worlds apart from each other, literally. Sony, however, only holds the rights to all of the characters within the Spider-Man series, which means all of its films occupy a much smaller and singular universe. Will audiences be itching to get a yearly fix of Spider-Man? I’m not so sure, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Is Spidey’s stable diverse enough to avoid the fatigue he’s mentioning? Also bear in mind that while Sony would like for there to be yearly releases they’ve made other claims that later fell through. Sony once stated that they saw the Raimi films as the start of a lengthy franchise that would be similar to James Bond, but then they rebooted it later after just three films. Another roadblock might be Andrew Garfield moving on after the third rebooted film. If Garfield leaves Spidey will Sony reboot the franchise yet again just to keep their hands on it?

Of course they would. Heh.

Anyway, check out the lengthy article on Collider!

–George Berryman!

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    As much as I would love to see a new Spider-Man movie every year, I fear that it is going to water down the character and cause backlash from non-spidey fans who are sick of seeing him. I just feel like they have wasted the reboot by focusing on the Ulitmate universe instead of the 616. Why even put Amazing in the name? I understand that the Marvel movies are set in the Ultimate universe as well, but the two studios are not relating the movies to each other. Why not just call it what it is, Ultimate Spider-Man? Then you could even bring in Miles when Garfield leaves the series.

  2. hornacek

    "will Sony reboot the franchise yet again just to keep their hands on it?"This is the only way Marvel will get the Spider-Man rights from Sony:

  3. Evan

    While we're mentioning Collider, be sure to check out my articles there! Along, of course, with my New Warriors' reviews here.

  4. welcometothepartypal

    I don't want people getting sick of my favorite hero, but if they must they could break it up with a Spider-Man 2099 movie, an Amazing Friends movie(if they could borrow Ice-Man and Firestar) or a Team-Up movie. I know I'm crazy but I would love a Spider-Man, 60's, 70's, 80's trilogy of movies utilizing the cloths and music and general all around feel from those decades. Hey if they want a yearly Spidey movie they need to go all out! :)

  5. Guardian Devil

    Spidey-related movies once a year??? As a fan I would love to see that happening BUT i don't think it's a good idea for $ony (and Spidey). If we have movies back-to-back from 2015 to 2019 for example, people will get sick of Spidey!! I'm not taliking about us, the fans, but for the general public... so if $ONY wants to make movies just for us i'm on board!!! I think something like this might work if we have one movie every two years!!

  6. tickbite

    I don't see how they will frame those "villain" movies. Yes, they can have great stories, but the Sinister Six in the comics have only ever been interesting as antagonists to Spidey. Without Spidey, what is the point of the story?!To be honest, they should make a Superior Foes movie - now THAT I would watch immediately.

  7. Erik

    I think there's enough diversity in the Spider-Man world alone to make a lot of movies, but it seems way too early to be doing, for example, a Venom movie, when the symbiote hasn't even been introduced. Sinister Six would make a lot more sense at this point but I'd still rather see all the villains introduced first with Spider-Man as they should be.That said I've never been a believer in the idea that everything has to follow the comic storyline/order of events either.

  8. Adam S.

    I feel like this time they might just recast the role if/when Garfield gets tired of playing it, continuing this current universe they're building but with a new guy. I would imagine there wouldn't be another complete reboot of the franchise unless critical and fan reaction toward future films is as negative as it was for Spider-Man 3.

  9. Nick MB

    Surely this means it's time for a clone saga adaptation? The easiest way to get multiple Spider-Man movies: multiple Spider-Men! Just need some vague reason to have actors other than Garfield play the clones ("slight genetic variation") and you're sorted.

  10. hornacek

    A common complaint actors have when they're playing the same character in a series of movies is that they get bored with the character after awhile and want to do other movies. I don't think Garfield did any other movies after the first ASM. How soon after ASM1 did he start work on ASM2? There must have been enough pre-production time for him to do another film. If he did these two back-to-back and then does 3 and 4 back-to-back he may get burned out on the character and want to do something else.

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