Garfield & Webb Want Spidey to Join Avengers

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    It would be very difficult for this to happen as long as Sony has the movie rights to the character.

  2. Enigma_2099

    @#5 Yeah... SUUURE they do. and I'm sure Webb and Garfield would conform and play nice as well. My money's on Gerard.

  3. PunyParker

    They would've done it with the first one,but this prick called Avi Arad,is too selfish to admit he's not the head of Marvel anymore,and that Marvel without him is doing better.So this man prevents this whole thing from happening. Marvel approached Sony.Sony said ok(they have a good partnership going on,on other aspects) the actors wanted it,the company wanted it,they were this close on putting OsCorp in the Avengers NYC skyline i said.....Avi Arad.

  4. Adam Tomlinson

    I'm the opposite. In the comics I like Spider-Man as a lone wolf, but since the Avengers only really get together when it's the end of the world stuff I think Spider-Man could be slotted in easily. He has a very different attitude to heroing, compared to say Cap, or Black Widow, and that would be great interplay to watch. Garfield's sarcastic, loud Spidey would struggle with Evan's Captain America. It'd be really interesting, At the end of the movie, Spider-Man can go back to Sony's vice grip and the rest would return to Marvel studios, but they'd have a hefty sum of money to show for it. The fans win, the studio's win.

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