Spider-Men sequel gets the go ahead

imageBrian Bendis has been answering more fan questions on his Tumblr.

When asked about the possibilities of a follow-up to the 2012 mini-series, Bendis responded:

I’m happy to report that the sequel is officially greenlit

There’s not much ambiguity there. It will probably be a while until we know any plot details or whether Sara Pichelli will return to the art duties, but if nothing else it’s great to know that Peter and Miles will continue to team up.

Miles made a brief trip to the mainstream universe in the recent Cataclysm mini-series, where he left Superior Spider-Man at the mercy of the Fantastic Four’s security droids. Perhaps he’ll visit to apologise to Peter.

I really liked the Spider-Men series, and would look forward to an encore.

– Adam

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  1. Adam T

    I think it's just going to a mini-series. Not a major status quo change. If they where going to bring Miles over permanently they could have with Ultimatum. My general rule of thumb is if Bendis is writing the story will effect Miles more than Peter. If Slott was writing it would effect Peter.

  2. irishfan

    or what if after Cataclysm there is a load of refugees to the 616 world. hero's villains and civilians good chuck of people who know who peter is. becomes an open secret that peter is spiderman. eventually the press find out, j.j jameson goes a bit mental. miles puts on the propper mask and picks up the mantel to trow the scent of peter. peter enjoying a bit of a break retires for a bit to sort out any legal issues over paker industries blowing up and the whole life stolen thing that happened to him and project the impression 'not spiderman'. bit less racist maybe, might work with a wider audience.

  3. Gary

    Seriously? Please tell me that this isn't leading to another "Death of Peter Parker" story where he's replaced by Miles Morales in the 616 Universe. For starters, Peter has been killed way too many times in the last 10 years, so that story is so played out it's not even funny. And second, the "kill Peter Parker so we can replace him with a more PC character" has been done in the Ultimate Universe already, do they really need to rehash it? Here's how the story's going to play out. Miles: "Hey Pete." Peter: "Hey Miles, how have you been?" Miles: "Well Pete, I'm feeling oppressed!" Peter: "How so?" Miles: "Well, you're white, and your existence is oppressing me." Peter: "Okay, I'll remedy that." Peter grabs gun, shoots himself, Miles takes his place. Dan Slott high fives Bendis, white people with white guilt have their white guilt alleviated, and all is well.

  4. Adam S.

    Nothing against Pichelli, but I'd also like it if Marquez drew it. I want to see him do more Peter-Spidey.

  5. Adam T

    @4 - I would be all for that, if it didn't mean he might be off the main book for a few issues

  6. Adam T

    I see it as more of a Star Wars thing "How's it going?" "Same as always" "That bad, huh" :)

  7. ryan3178

    I'm really happy to hear about this and I'm betting it does take place post Superior and Cataclysm. Be interesting: Miles: "So, what you been up to?" Peter: "Dr. Octopus took over my body and completely ruin my life and the Green Goblin trashed half the city?" "You?" Miles: "Galactus tried eating the planet, my mom died and now I'm leading my own version of the Ultimates with a clone of our Peter Parker?" Peter: "... I'm a doctor in physics now." Miles: "My dad used to be a crook." Peter: "You win."

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