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6 Responses to “Doc Ock Arms Becoming A Reality”

  1. #1 Jason says:

    I would avoid anything radioactive.

  2. #2 hornacek says:

    FESTO is the new Oscorp.

  3. #3 666andahalf says:

    I love how the design is EXACTLY like Doc Ock’s arms. Get ready for our newest super villain. Also, wasn’t Doc Ock German in the 90s show?

  4. #4 hornacek says:

    “Ach du lieber, Spider-Man!”

  5. #5 AmFan15 says:

    Precious tridium makes these arms work.

  6. #6 E. Wilson says:

    Vulture wings, you fools! You should have made Vulture wings! =O

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