Marvel’s Spider-man ‘Every Single One’ Teaser

Marvel has recently released a new teaser currently titled: “Every Single One”. What is this? Could this be Madam Web’s prediction from way back in Superior #20 about “Every Spider Must die?” Who are the web silhouettes blocking out? They sure look like spider based heroes and villains. Even Miles Morales.

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  1. Gary

    @12Spider-man also died in that goofy story from 2004 when the Spider-Queen kissed him and he turned into a giant spider. He died as a spider, she left, and he immediately gave birth to himself.

  2. Gary

    @12Spider-man also died in that goofy story from 2004 when the Spider-Queen kissed him and he turned into a giant spider. He died as a spider, she left, and he immediately gave birth to himself.All I'm saying is that they have killed Spider-man at least 5 times in the last 10 years. It's a tired story, and Marvel is probably going to rehash it when issue #12 of Amazing hits. Because after #12 is when they'll relaunch the series with another #1 (because that's Marvel's new schtick lately).

  3. Adam T

    @11 I get the impression this is going to be more like Batman Inc. meets Shattered Dimensions, than Peter dying again. I think once he's back he's save for a while...though if you're a Wolverine dan I'd start to worry.Don't forget Spider-Man died in the Other as well :)

  4. Gary

    If this is leading to another "Death of Peter Parker" story, I'm going to be really angry. Because they've done that story to death already. The past 3 years Peter has died 3 times. When they killed Ultimate Peter to make way for the more PC friendly Miles, when they killed Peter to make room for SpOck, and then when they killed the memory fragment in Superior #9 (before bringing it back in a weaker state in #25).Let's see some original ideas Marvel! Let's see if you can have an idea for Spider-man that doesn't involve killing or replacing Peter!!

  5. WebbedSentry

    Gotta be honest, at first I sighed at this. But the more I think about it, this could be pretty Damned cool if it is a legitimate gathering of all the Spider-Man awesomeness that's has spanned multiple Universes and decades to save themselves is just awesome.One of my favourite Power Rangers episodes is a special they did that gathered all the Red Rangers up to that point. It kicked ass, especially since all of them were just in awe of Tommy and respected him as THE Red Ranger, to translate that to Spider-Man, you could do the same where all these Spider-Men past present and future respect that Peter is THE definitive Spider-Man.Also like there are fans of Ben Riley, Mayday, Miguel, Khaine and yes even Ock, you could also use this as a story to bring then back however briefly to appease the fans of each.If it is multiverse and time spanning then it would be possible to link it to whatever happened to Superior Ock when he 'blew up'.I'm not going to immediately call suck, just because Slott is - presumably - writing. Like Zach has said in a podcast before he departed, 'Slott is a good ideas guy', just that sometimes his ideas are hit and miss that's all.

  6. Stillanerd

    @#6 RDMacQ -- Yeah, I'm guessing this is going to be something not unlike "Shattered Dimensions" or the two-part finale of the 1990s Spider-Man Cartoon, in which virtually every Spider-Man and Spider-Woman from all across time, space, and parallel dimensions have to team-up in order to save themselves and all of reality. What with Julia's "The Web of Life is coming undone" and "All the Spiders will die" prophecy.@#7 irishfan -- I had forgotten all about that. Certainly would explain the state SpOck was in after he came back, wouldn't it?

  7. irishfan

    has anyone attempted to identify each figure. Would it be a multi verse thing with miles and spiderham or are people making out figures from the same universe. Was that time spock vanished in horizen labs ever explained, maybe its tied in, like all the multiverse supermen fighting it out maybe not.

  8. RDMacQ

    I doubt this is about Spider-Man 2. This is probably Slott's big Spider-Man event coming in the fall. I'd gather hitting sometime in September.The number of characters is kind of interesting. I don't know how many "Spider-Themed" characters there are in the Marve U. I'm sure there will be some dug up out of the barracks. But I wonder if some won't just be new characters, or characters from "Learning to Crawl."I also wonder if some characters given Spider-Powers in Spider-Island would play a roll.

  9. Stillanerd

    Well, I can make out one of those figures as most definitely being Peter Porker/Spider-Ham. That the one crawling up the side of the wall right by Spider-Man's left knee.

  10. Lockdown

    I saw it and posted it as soon as I could. Yes, it's either Slott's story or Spider-Men 2.

  11. Stillanerd

    Ah, you beat me to it, Ryan. ;)And yeah, I'm thinking the same thing, as Dan Slott at this year's London Super Comic Con that he was working on a big Spider-Man event for this fall which, according to Slott, was originally supposed to be an arc for Superior Spider-Man but was the story was "too good" not to have Peter Parker in it: other possibility is that it's teasing the sequel to Spider-Men, which Bendis revealed has just been green-lit.

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