has played a demo of the new ASM2 video game coming out in May. Here are some new screen caps from the game. Will you be picking it up?

6 Responses to “New ASM2 Video Game Stills”

  1. #1 DadaHyena says:

    Waaaaait…is that Shocker? Who else would wear a yellow quilted jacket?

  2. #2 George Berryman says:

    Yeah that’s what I wondered when I looked at it.

  3. #3 John says:

    Screens 3, 5 and 6 look like they came straight out of a modern Spidey comic, genuinely excited for this game now.

  4. #4 spidertour02 says:

    This looks pretty underwhelming for a PS4/X1 game … and that’s AFTER they doctored the screenshots! o_0

  5. #5 John says:

    I agree that the graphics are pretty substandard. I just like the overall aesthetic that Beenox have gone with.

  6. #6 Adam T says:

    That really does look like Shocker…

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