Podcast # 291- Spidey Broke, Ditko 2099, McFarlane Returns, Spider-Butterflies

Podcast291march2014picWe tackle Spider-related news in this episode. We have a lot of topics that are literally off the wall. Here are the topics.
*Ultimate Spider-Man actor Drake Bell is broke
*Ditko does 2099
*BD discovers rare Ditko picture? 

*McFarlane open to Spidey work
*Andrew Garfield and Batkid Dropped from Academy Awards
*Spider-Butterflies released in parliament
*Superior Foes ending with #15?
*Learning to Crawlspace mini series
*Blaming Spidey and Soap Operas for violence in Venezuela
*Sony wants Spidey movies every year
*Update on Lost Spidey graphic novel
*Spec Spidey coming to Blu Ray


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(6) Comments

  1. hornacek

    EDIT: I mean to say "doesn't mean that the USM cartoon is not a (sigh) success." (I wish we could edit our posts like in Facebook)

  2. hornacek

    Just because one guy doesn't know how to manage his money doesn't mean that the USM cartoon is a (sigh) success.

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