Ramon Perez Sketch Of Spidey’s “Learning to Crawl” Villain

ASMLearningToCrawl-ClashSketchAs some you may already know, as part of Peter Parker’s return, Marvel is also releasing a five-part Amazing Spider-Man “Point One” mini-series written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Ramon Perez entitled “Learning to Crawl.” The story takes places during Peter’s “first 60 days” as Spider-Man, in which he will also face a new teenage villain named Clash.  Marvel has just released Perez’ sketch of the villain, and Perez explains how he was attempting to go for a look “as if [Steve] Ditko designed him himself.”

The thought process going on was to riff off of Spidey’s costume, as this is what Clash does in the comic. I wanted to go simple and iconic with the design, as I think costumes these days have gone into over-design. Not as bad as the 1990’s mind you, but there’s still so many unnecessary elements thrown into designs. I often wonder if artists [consider] the fact that they will have to draw these costumes/characters repeatedly for pages on end!

…With regards to the final look, I’m quite happy. I originally wanted Clash to be purple and yellow—his costume colors “clashing,” if you will, to echo his name. But after some discussion it was thought that the yellow might lean too much towards Electro, and the feel of electricity. The white came from the idea of the iPod, and how that pretty white device and its early ad campaigns have come to reflect the modern music scene.

So what do you folks think? Do you believe this new villain looks “Ditko-esque” enough? And you think it was a better choice to go with this color scheme instead of purple and yellow?

You can read the full interview and see Perez’ earlier concept designs for Clash at Marvel.com.


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  1. ryan3178

    Very true, Ditko did love his green maybe Clash will wear a green shirt outside of costume. I'm liking the idea behind the series more. Very Untold Tales but still not enough to get it due to Spider-Man 2099 coming out now.

  2. RDMacQ

    I think it looks a little too "polished" to be a throwback design, but I think it works. I disagree with the yellow and purple design scheme. I think it could have worked with that look. But, I think it's find for what it is.

  3. SpiderHam

    Looks pretty cool, it's got that garish and surrealist feel that most Ditko designed villains had. I hope the book is drawn in the same simple, bold art style, I think that style works best for Spidey.

  4. George Berryman

    To me it's fairly Ditko-esque, especially when you factor in the surreal work he did outside of ASM. @1 - "Clash, huh? Look like Spidey’s gonna … (puts on sunglasses) rock the casbah." <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/6YMPAH67f4o" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  5. hornacek

    Seriously though, the circle motif reminds me of Cyclone., or Havok's original costume. The lightning bolts on his arms and waists definitely make me think of Electro.

  6. Adam S.

    The design is good. I agree that modern designs have way too many unnecessary details. I've always thought that minimalism and simplicity are the keys to a good costume design.

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