Record Breaking Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 Numbers

CBR is reporting that direct market pre-orders are at 500,000 copies for Amazing Spider-Man #1 vol 3. The fact that it currently has 14 variant covers I’m sure is helping that pre-order. But who cares, it’s good news for the comic market that there is that much faith from retailers that it will sell that well. The book will go on sale April 30. The last comic to sell that well was Amazing Spider-Man # 583 with the President Obama variant. That sold more than 500,000 copies. However neither are the best selling Spider-Man comic of all time. That belongs to 1990’s Spider-Man # 1 by Todd McFarlane. That allegedly sold 2. 5 million copies. CBR also got an exclusive sneek peek of the interior of Amazing Spider-Man # 1 vol 3. 

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  1. sthenurus

    Wasnt that second person being bit by the spider one of the main plot of original sin? I<m confused.

  2. Geoff

    @7 - I'm hoping Camuncoli comes back for ASM too, but Slott seems to like working with Ramos so we'll see. I agree with bringing Caselli back, I'm still sad he wasn't kept on for Superior, his work is gorgeous! I'd also like to see Marcos Martin back too, I love how retro his art style is and the vibrant colours he uses. Considering how popular he is, Stegman is probably gonna be a Wolverine for a long time. So I'd be surprised if he comes back, but we can dream. Yeah that's perfectly understandable,we all remember our first issues fondly. I actually don't like McFarlane though, his art is incredibly overrated and dated in my opinion. I can understand his influence, but his art has never been standout to me. But different strokes for different folks.

  3. QuilSniv

    @5- Yeah, I really hope Camuncoli comes back a little later into Amazing (the one-page spread in Superior #30 alone hammers that hope up), not to mention Stegman (he's not pulling a double on Superior and Scarlet Spider), and ESPECIALLY Casseli. My god, these three are probably some of the best Spidey artists I can think of in the 2000's and 2010s. It would be great to see them working with good old Ramos on the series. And yeah, Humberto isn't the best artist, and I can respect everybody's opinion. I guess my large liking for his art comes from the fact that the first Spider-Man comic I ever bought was a Ramos piece (Spectacular #1), and I just have a really big soft spot for his art, and I just get a little blue inside when I see people absolutely THRASH his art (It was either Don or Chris on Superior 24; but let's face it, the art in that issue was horrendous). So yeah, I can see where you're coming from, and I really do believe Camuncoli is a great artist. I just deviate from everybody else, since everybody here hates Ramos because they grew up with McFarlane, and I grew up with Ramos but still love McFarlane. Just a matter of opinion

  4. Geoff

    @3 Ramos has improved an incredible amount since his debut, but he just doesn't work for Spidey IMO. I've been loving Camuncoli's work on Superior and just I'm bummed that he's not sticking around to draw the real Pete, because that full page spread of the classic costume in SSM #30 was awesome. I agree. I'm so bored of the origin being re-done and changed. Yes ‘Every-comic-is somebody’s-first’, but what's stopping them from buying a essentials volume if they enjoy that first issue they pick up.

  5. Jason

    The Spider-Bite has been redone way more times than just in Superior. It does get old trying to tell the same story from a different perspective.

  6. QuilSniv

    I can actually see a lot of change in the way Ramos draws Spidey. His fingers aren't as pointy in some shots, the lenses aren't always fluctuating (everybody who's seen Ramos knows what I'm talking about), and his people actually look much less... what's the word... pointy. I'm not saying Ramos is the greatest Spidey artist of all time (He is to me, but maybe that's because the first Spidey comic I ever picked up was pencilled by Humberto), but I just feel like since Camuncoli was brought in for Goblin Nation, Humberto's actually trying to step up his game. Who knows, maybe Stillanerd or Andrew will like Ramos' art this time around. It feels more lifelike, and fits the flexibility of Spider-man's body. One complaint I DO have, however, is that he has to re-illustrate the spider bite. God, he, Gieussepe and Ryan did it WAY too much in the Superior Run, and it just feels like they're trying to force it in. I know that there's the 'Every-comic-is somebody's-first' thing, but it just annoys people who already know the story, and I don't think anybody doesn't know Spidey's origins. That said, I really do look forward to the next volume of Amazing, and I hope it beats Superior in every way (unlike SSM 9)

  7. Geoff

    I already miss Camuncoli's art. Do we really have to go back and change the spider bite scene again?

  8. Lockdown

    The preview pages are showing the 2nd person is a teenaged girl? Did we need another Spider-Woman?

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