Spider-Man April Fools Day Prank in NYC

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  1. Zoe

    I believe that this is another case of the Republicans just saying "NO". Walmart offers bank accounts and credit cards in Mexico. Castellano had recently been arrested on multiple racketeering charges.

  2. David Lapage

    I think it's a fun video, but the leap looks faked. I'm pretty sure he did not jump off the building like that. There looks to be some effects used and fancy editing involved. Also there is no way I would let Spidey hold me as we were lifted to the top of the building, like they do at the end. I'm sure they edited that too. One slip and the redhead would be dead. Still it was well done.

  3. Jack Brooks

    I'm sentimental. It was the people looking so happy, like they were all innocent kids again for just a moment -- it made some tears spring into my eyes.

  4. Aziz

    This is funny, I thought it will be a lame April's Fool joke The jump is spectacular I don't usually pick on acting, but that girl didn't even try to be convincing Maybe it was just too difficult to hold her laugh

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