Amazing Spider-Man #1: Extra Content (Part 2)

imageEarlier this week Bleeding Cool reported that the new first issue of Amazing Spider-Man would include extra Spider-Man related content.

Comic Book Resources is now reporting that the issue will also include a bonus copy of the sell-out issue Inhuman #1.

Recently, in issue #30 of Superior Spider-Man, Marvel included the first issue of the new Black Widow series. This seems to be their latest strategy for promoting new series.


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  1. Nick MB

    I think there are also multiple back-up stories by other creators - something like a Spider-Man 2099 story by his upcoming creative time, a Learning To Crawl teaser by Slott/Perez, a Scarlet Spider story by Yost, and I think something by Joe Caramagna? So there is plenty of Spider-Content for the extra two dollars. The Inhuman #1 is just a further bonus. That comic is going to be massive.

  2. Geoff

    Why infinity? that's a really weird choice for a backup issue. A better Idea would have been including a catch-up issue of what went on in Superior, for people that haven't read it/refused to pick it up.

  3. herbiepopecker

    @ #5 I'd actually like to read Spider-Man back to normal, married to MJ and all of that.

  4. hornacek

    "they should make it something I’d actually want to read." Or something Spider-Man related.

  5. Gary

    I have a hard enough time slipping comics into my bag/boards as it is without them making them thicker. And if they want to include an entire issue in the back of my Spider-man books, they should make it something I'd actually want to read.

  6. hornacek

    Ok, I will hold off on any anger until I see the actual product. I don't think my skepticism and distrust of Marvel's selling practices are without precedent however.

  7. Adam T

    64 pages for $5.99. That was the original solict. Not sure if Inhuman is included in the page count. The Black Widow free issue didn't effect the price of Superior #30 though.

  8. hornacek

    Remind me again - what is the cover price of this issue? Just wondering how much extra I'll be paying for Inhuman #1, a book I have no interest in.

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