Spider-Girls # 88

i_love_my_spidey___by_valentinahawke-d78v9yiCelebrating ladies who love Spidey. 

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(3) Comments

  1. QuilSniv

    Um... not weird at all? I mean, a t-shirt or something is okay, but a room full of the stuff of a borderline shoving (then again, I bet some of us have a ton of boxes of comic merchandise hidden in our house somewhere).

  2. hornacek

    This is like if M.C. Escher drew Spidey. First I thought there were three people, then I realized the Spidey on the bottom (oh geez) was just a blanket, then I realized the Spidey on top (the worst kind of Spidey threesome) was just a head. Finally it looks like she is sinking into the blanket.

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