Even More ASM # 1 Variants

The Amazing Spider-Man # 1 variants continue to grow. At last count there were 14 different variants. Now you can add seven more. I brought you a long list of the variants on this post if you’d like to check them out. According to Bleeding Cool, each store needed to order 3000 copies of the book to get an exclusive variant. At last count, the book is just shy of 600,000 direct pre-orders. 

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  1. Gerard Delatour II

    This is getting completely out of control. They're practically strong-arming retailers into ordering huge numbers (that they will then brag about as if these sales are a natural occurrence).

  2. Geoff

    @13 They're sketch covers. Online artists usually draw their own covers on them, some of the results are actually pretty cool and creative.

  3. Castle

    Nothing can compare to the awesomeness that is the blank cover /sarcasm. Why does marvel even release covers with no art work.. Does anyone actually like these covers?

  4. Nick MB

    @8 Slingers #1 had variant content, it did indeed sell massive amounts for #1, but presumably didn't do enough to keep using the tactic. And good, because it's a terrible idea.

  5. herbiepopecker

    Here's an idea: one cover, variant content! (I'm just a little nervous marvel will take that seriously....)

  6. Aziz

    The Maguire one is the best, cause it reminds me of this http://samruby.com/AmazingSpider-ManC/Large/AmazingSpider-Man281.jpg Well, someone made a more memorable cover while there is a Romita sr cover, that's new for me

  7. Adam S.

    That Chris Samnee variant is my absolute favorite. I like the Maguire one as well. The Romita one is disappointing.

  8. hornacek

    (had to post this as separate posts - wouldn't accept it all, had to break it apart and change words) Who is between Scorpion and the Goblin? She (?) looks familiar.

  9. hornacek

    The art in the Romita Senior one is great, but the pose looks ... weird (it pains me to say that - who doesn't love some new Romita Sr art?). Like he's saying "Hey, here I am!" Which I guess is the whole point of the relaunch, so don't listen to me.

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