Superior Foes of Spider-Man #11 and All-New Ultimates #1 Vidcast Review

Putting on the old Spider-Man Cap, I review the recent issue of Superior Foes and the launch of the new Ultimate Line. While I enjoyed Superior Foes despite being a filler issue. All-New Ultimates gets a much lower, lower grade from me and I can’t understand why they changed Jessica Drew to Black Widow in the Ultimate Universe.

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  1. ryan3178 - Post author

    Exactly Adam. I also want to know how Roxxon even has any "secret labs" after what happened with them at the end of Ultimate Spider-Man vol. 3 and the tie in chapters to Cataclysm. Now, if they would have said the Serpents made off with Roxxon experiments due to the destroy of everything. Then I can get their origins.

  2. Adam T

    The name change was the biggest speed bump for me.I hope future issues explain it better. Why change your name from an homage to a fallen hero to copy a known traitor. I can't think of a story reason.I can think of many reasons from the creator's point of view. Having Spider-Man and Spider-Woman on the same team does make this feel more like a Spider-Book than an Ultimates book. Plus giving Jessica shorter hair and a more unique costume will help her stand out from Kitty and Bombshell.It makes sense creatively, but if not from a story point of view, it's always going to stand out.

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