Superior Spider-Man #31 Vidcast Review

This is it Spider Fans! The conclusion to Superior Spider-Man. Goblin Nation comes to a conclusion and Peter Parker’s life is about to get very complicated very fast. I not only review the conclusion to Goblin Nation but also the series as a whole. Its been quite the ride and I give both the book and the series a good ending grade. Even though I feel there are still more questions than answers and as many holes as my hands disappearing with my green screen effects.

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  1. Christopher Daniel Kuehl

    Dude, if I were you I'd stop reading the Amazing Spider-Man comics all together because the same writer has been on this series for far too long; I feel like he knows every Spidey story that's been done in comics, his original ideas are gone, and he has to pick the bottom of the barrel for stories that just suck. First, Joe Quesada ruined the Spider-Man comics with "One More Day", then Dan Slott and Mephisto (who's supposed to have a power-level of 1, not very powerful magic to bring people back from the dead, ruin a couple's marriage because writers hating Mary Jane Watson, and erasing peoples' memory of Peter Parker being Spider-Man. Superior Spider-Man, I have to honestly admit, was a great "What-If..." story about what would Dr. Octopus do in Spidey's body as a super-hero, but it shouldn't have been made canon. Yeah, he was smarter and more inventive then Pete, But he's not as Good and optimistically minded as Pete. He doesn't have the responsibility that Parker had. And he was downright rude and arrogant at times. So, I saw no point in continuing to read that series after issue 4. The only true original Spidey stories at Marvel right now are Kaine, the New Scarlet Spider, New Warriors with Kaine, and Spider-Man 2099. Those are worth reading, not the original Spidey anymore until Dan Slott either is moved to another department, demoted, resigned, or possibly fired. Trust me, bud, it's gonna take a while until the Spider-Man comics are as good as they were before 2007 and when Todd McFarlane was writing and drawing them in the 90's.

  2. Gary

    What irritated me about issue #31 is how Mary Jane and Carlie are like, "We know you didn't do it Peter, but F U for what Doc Ock did!!"

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