Podcast 295- 6 Spider-Satellites and Ultimate Spider-Man Reviews

Podcast295April2014picIn this episode we tackle reviews of the Spider-Satellites and two episodes of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. The satellites George and I review are:
*Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 11
*Superior Spider-Man Annual # 2
*Superior Foes of Spider-Man # 9 and #10
*Thunderbolts # 23
*New Warriors # 3

The cartoon episodes reviewed include:
Season 1 Episode 9 – ‘Field Trip’
Season 2 Episode 23 – ‘Second Chance Hero’

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If you missed the other show in April, here is it. 

Podcast # 294-Friday Night Fight…Spiders, Cats, Owls and Octopus

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  1. ryan3178

    You guys came up with a better motivation to have New Warriors exist as a series than the writer right now. That should be the motivation of the book. Justice could say: "Our name was smeared because we did something stupid, we didn't kill those children but inexperience heroes could make the same mistake." "The Avengers are busy save the world and its our job to train younger heroes to be the next Avengers." "So, that's what we are going to do." Plain and simple. The series has been such a disappointment.

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