Podcast 296-Spider-Verse, David on 2099, Dunst on Women, ASM Sales, Spider-Package

Podcast296april2014picWe have a lot of Spider-News this month. Here are the topics we discuss. 
*Peter David Returns to Spider-Man 2099
*Spider-Verse Event
*Kirsten Dunst on Gender Roles
*Sinister Six Gets a Director
*Amazing Spider-Man 2 Video Game Villains
*Spidey robs a Subway
*Spidey April Fools Joke
*Baskin Robins Spidey Ice Cream
*ASM #1 Breaks Records
*Andrew Garfield talks about the size of Spidey’s package.
*Brad’s Bruce Campbell story from the St. Louis Wizard World Comic Con


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(7) Comments

  1. hornacek

    @5 - Without knowing the nature of your absence, you may have dodged a bullet not being on this month's podcast since I'm sure Brad would have asked you to cover the Kirsten Dunst story. And you were missed.

  2. MadGoblin

    Thank you all for your concern. Things are OK and back to "normal." It wasn't so much the issue at hand as much as simply having nothing left in the tank after dealing with it, certainly not enough to do the prep work, and be attentive and on my game. I should be back for May's podcast.

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