The Rarest ASM # 1 Variant?

$_57Artist Greg Horn just informed his fans that he’s doing a variant cover of Amazing Spider-Man # 1. This cover is only available to members in the GameStop PowerUp club. It requries a $15 yearly membership and for every game you buy there you earn points to get prizes. I’m not sure how many points you’ll need to get this cover. Horn is selling some of the covers on ebay and bidding is over a $100. 

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  1. Travis

    Brad you get points by purchasing games, accessories, etc from GameStop. I'm not sure how the point structure works and how many points you get per item. I'm pretty sure you get more points for buying used. I had just over 12,000 points and I just ordered my 2. Can't wait

  2. ALaAverghetta

    they're making 6000 copies worldwide at 6000 points. 50 of these copies will be sent to the artist to remark them with individual head sketches of either spider-man, gwen, or mj and they will be sent out at random.

  3. Darth Spidey

    I've got two coming my way as well...never used the points but figured this was a pretty good deal.

  4. Jason

    All the variants is getting a bit ridiculous. Seems unfair people with access others don't should reap the benefits of having a rare issue they can sell for hundreds of dollars.

  5. Geoff

    All that cash just for a Kravens Last Hunt homage? I would understand that motivation to get this if it was the Romita cover. But still the amount of variants for this one issue is just really silly.

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