Friday is Go to Work Dressed As Spider-Man Day

Put on your best pair of spandex and head into work as Spider-Man. Friday, April 25th is national “Go To Work As Spider-Man” day.  As many of you know my day job is a feature reporter for my local NBC station. I’m doing a story with two disc jockeys who are taking part in the holiday. I’ll share the story tonight. Here’s the press release I received with some pictures of Spidey on the job. 

With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 now screening in cinemas across the UK, hundreds of Brits aim to spark a national trend by ‘dressing for the job they want, not the job they have’, turning up to work dressed as the Amazing Spider-Man.

In a bid to banish the weekly blues, a movement started on the Facebook page of costume companyMorphsuits (with 1.4 million likes) where Marvel fans were encouraged to step away from conformity on national ‘turn up to work as Spider-Man’ day, on Friday 25th April.

The Spider-Man invasion has already begun with street sweepers, builders, fruit and veg sellers and office workers planning on wearing costumes.

Gregor Lawson, co-founder of Morphuits commented:

“Millions across the country go to work dressed in uniforms and standard office attire every day. There’s countless pieces of advice about dressing for the job you want when going for interviews, but what happens after you’ve got the job? Sit back and blend in? It might be scientifically impossible to actually have Spider-Man’s job, but with the launch of the most technologically advanced super hero costumes, we want everyone to break free and dream of bigger more marvelous things by unleashing their inner heroes.”

The Spider-Man costume is part of the new range of officially licensed Marvel super hero costumes – incorporating wearable smartphone technology and augmented reality to virtually bring the characters’ super powers to life, they represent the most technologically advanced super hero costumes available. Other super heroes in the collection include: Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America and Deadpool.

“Gregor Lawson continued:

“We can’t wait to see how big this will become – Humans thrive on routine, but the daily grind can make the world a boring place – how much more fun would you tube journey be if you came across tens of Spidies reading the morning paper and negotiating the ticket barrier at Kings Cross. At the heart of Morphsuits is the passion for being the party to any occasion, and this movement does exactly that – when life get’s you down, wear a Morphsuit, it makes everything better – guaranteed.”

Official Marvel Spider-Man Morphsuits are available here.

Images: Paul Clarke

To download the high res images select the images below.





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  1. hornacek

    Oh man, I just looked at the photos. Spidey in an office environment is always hilarious! But I love the one of him wearing the yellow vest for some reason. And if a guy on the street is trying to hand me some flyer and is dressed as Spider-Man, I will always take the flyer from him and not throw it away.

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