Amazing Spider-Man # 1 Variants Keep on Coming

There is a reason the book is called Amazing Spider-Man because I’m amazed at the sheer number of variants coming out for this first issue of volume three. I came across a website called Spider-Man Fan and they are keeping track of all the variants like we are. Some folks in their comment section are saying there’s going to be 45-50 variants for this first issue. Is it any wonder why they sold half a million copies? Here are links to the other variants stories I’ve done.  Story 1, Story 2, Story 3 Story 4 Story 5

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  1. Old Guy

    Hypocritically, I did end up buying: 1) the regular Ramos cover - because I get the regular covers 2) the Ramos "Stan Lee" cover because it sort of justifies the bad regular cover 3) the Marcos Martin "Inverted Skyline" cover because it is a cool graphic and will look good in the bag with "Spider-Man Firsts" TPB 4) the Disposable Heroes "Kisses Upside Down" cover because I think it is funny.

  2. Old Guy

    That Spiderfan website has pictures of 46 variants and lists another one without a picture for a total of 47 so far. I am amazingly glad that I gave up on variant covers at Issue #637 in Sept 2010. And it seemed like such a cool idea with the two covers for Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 21 in 1987...

  3. Geoff

    Marvel please this is so silly. It's sad that this one issue has more covers than an average marvel NOW! book has issues. That said I do really like the Newbury comics one, it really reminds me of the 90's animated series. Why are there two J Scott Campbell ones? The guy is a fantastic artist and I like both of his variants, but he's not ever a regular on Spidey titles.

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