C2E2 Spider-verse Panel

10270665_611604815595351_7349652471226937803_n10155882_611596835596149_6580348888441582495_nAt the C2E2 convention in Chicago, Deadpool editor, Jordan White plays Spider-Man theme song on his ukulele. After the song “Amazing Spider-Man: Who am I?” writer Joshua Hale Fialkov, “Spider-Man: Family Business” co-writers Mark Waid and James Robinson, “Amazing Spider-Man” artist Ramón Pérez, editor Jordan White, and editor Nick Lowe greeted fans. I was there along with my nephew, Nick in the front row. The panel opened up and with people stating they are really going to miss Superior Spider-Man. Not long after, a few panels showed the Superior Spider-Man back in action but wouldn’t answer why it was there. The panel quickly moved to showing the revelation of Original Sin and showed the upcoming page showing the spider biting a teen age girl. She is revealed to be Silk, Nick Lowe then started to explain that there was a reason why Silk has not been seen until now and why she disappeared soon after being bitten. The preview showed her to be wrapped in webbing like a mummy and with Spider-Man tangled behind her.

10152579_611643248924841_8860122752131938092_nNext, the Alex Ross cover to Learning to Crawl #3 was shown with Spider-Man fighting the new villain Clash. Ramon explained that Clash has sound based powers and can even alter voice patterns and is a teenage villain. It will be explain why he disappeared after his first appearance and he is set to appear after issue #15 when Spider-verse concludes next spring. Ramon also replied it was just completely awesome seeing his villain drawn by Alex Ross.

10252138_611599268929239_6033781917212111910_nEverything shifted to the new Spider-Man 2099 series that will tie in with the main book not only during Spider-verse but afterwards too. With Peter becoming a recurring guest in the book. Also, that Spider-Man 2099 doesn’t like hipsters and was beating some up on the preview pages. The tone switch to Mark Waid and James Robinson as they talked about Family Business the recent original graphic novel that was #1 on the New York Best Seller list. Mark had the idea for the book for a while and knew someone like James would be perfect helping him with the spy undercover aspect of it. Robinson got the call from Waid literally on the last day he quit DC. The story is in continuity taking place shortly after Amazing Spider-Man #1. Speaking of which, several attendees got a sneak peak at the book during the panel.
From there the panel moved to Daredevil, Mark Waid and Chris Samnee are stating on the book as long as they can. Issue #3 will bring the Owl to the book and he will display abilities he never has shown before and it will put Daredevil laughing at him last issue in a “Shouldn’t have done that.” moment. Coming up in issues #6-7 will be the Original Sin tie ins, which will bring Matt’s mother back in the picture and reveal why she left both Matt and Jack when he was a baby. “Matt’s world will fall from underneath him in a new way.” Waid stated. He goes to New York and can’t do anything for his mother who is getting deported to another country to be executed for a crime she committed years ago and Matt is completely helpless. Fialkov revealed that a new Spider character will show up in Ultimate FF #4.

923198_10202891623548244_1117261819546160445_nNext up was the main event, “Spider-verse,” the summer event beginning on Free Comic Book Day before continuing in November. The series involves “every Spider-Man ever… or at least every Spider-Man we’re legally allowed to use,” Lowe said. Preview slides showed Spider-Man 1602 and the villain Morlun.

With that Q & A was opened up.

Asked about their favorite alternate Spider-Man, Lowe gave the ’90s animated Spidey, Robinson and White said Ben Reilly, Peter Porker for Fialkov, the Electric Company for White, and Waid answered Miles Morales.

Waid said that there is no pressure to make “Daredevil” like the upcoming Netflix TV show. “That’s not how things work at Marvel,” he said. “The tail does not wag the dog.”

Asked about singing more theme songs as he did for “Nextwave,” Lowe said that he “sings all the time in my personal life.” Waid added that “he sings to me sometimes on the phone,” with Fialkov saying “it takes the edge off notes.”

One fan asked how Spider-Man 2099 would be addressed by other characters. Lowe joked that he refers to himself as “Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 2099.” Other suggestions were “Spider-Dude, Spider-Mensch,” with a fan then shouting “Spider-Bro.”

“Spider-Verse” will “not stop ‘Spider-Men 2’ from happening,” Lowe said, referring to a sequel to the meeting between Peter Parker and Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales.

Asked about the “Superior” love interest, Lowe said, “we are nowhere near seeing the end of Anna Maria.” In fact she will be Peter’s roommate going forward that you really have to read to believe.

“Spider-Man: Family Business” is in continuity, Lowe and Waid confirmed. “I would be shocked if we didn’t see more of that,” whether in an OGN sequel or follow up in the regular series.

“There is a lot of Kaine love coming up in ‘Spider-verse,'” Lowe said, also reminding fans that they should follow the character in “New Warriors.” “He has some very particular attributes … that make him a good guy to have around when Morlun attacks.”

A fan asked each panelist for one word explaining what Spider-Man meant to them. Waid led with “Responsibility,” with everyone else concurring. Lowe also offered “swingin’,” but Fialkov noted that “mostly he only had one girlfriend at a time.”

Superior Spider-Man Spider-Verse Teaser

The next question was whether Peter would incorporate any of Otto’s inventions. “He has to face that in many ways Doc Ock was a better Spider-Man than he was,” Lowe said, except, of course, for possibly being a little “overbearing… and evil.”

Lowe said that “there aren’t really going to be symbiotes” in “Spider-verse,” in response to a question about Spider-Carnage. It was also stated earlier that too bad Clash wasn’t around earlier, he could have helped stop symbiotes.

The fan also asked about spinoff characters such as Spider-Dog, as Deadpool did during his series. “I would love to write Spider-Dog,” Robinson said. “I will fight James Robinson to write Spider-Dog,” Fialkov added.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” will “dig deeply into Flash Thompson’s history,” Lowe said, but “Flash Venom” as he is known in the Marvel office will not be appearing in “Amazing” any time soon.

And that is all she wrote folks.

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  1. Geoff

    @16 - I forgotten all about that issue, that would actually be a more interesting version of Ben to include. I think Ben's fate will depend on what version of him they use. Tom Defalco has said that he isn't done with the 2009 Clone Saga Ben, so I doubt he will be killed. But the What if? Ben would probably be killed. I doubt he'd stay in 616 and become the Scarlet Spider again (but I can hope).

  2. FT95

    @15 The one from What If Scarlet Spider killed Spider-Man? is still alive too, presumably. I phrased the last comment wrong though; I meant I don't think he'll stick around, either by getting killed or simply returned to his universe.

  3. Geoff

    @14- There is a good chance that he could live. I'm pretty sure this Ben will be the one from the Clone Saga mini that came out in 2009, because he's the only version of Ben I can remember still being alive.

  4. FT95

    Whether Spider-Ben stays alive after this or not (I'm betting on not) he needs a tie-in, a one-shot or something with Kaine. Really really good oportunity to highlight their relationship.

  5. ryan3178

    Pretty much of course I'm looking forward to seeing Electric Company Spider-Man and of course 60s animated Spider-Man. "Wholping web snappers!" Then Spider-Dog!

  6. hornacek

    @10 - "Didn’t they just spend 31 issues demonstrating why Spock’s dependency on technology and planning was ineffective compared to Peter’s spontaneity and unshakeable willpower attitude." Marvel was hoping you weren't paying attention. :)

  7. Geoff

    @9 - Sounds awesome! The early live action Spideys are some of the most bizarre, strangely enjoyable versions of the character and I'm glad that they are being featured. Hopefully the Nick Hammond Spider-Man will also be included. I'll be interested to see if Electric Company and Japanese Spider-Man are given power upgrades to give them the same powers as the comic Spider-Men. “He has to face that in many ways Doc Ock was a better Spider-Man than he was,” - This is the only part of the panel that slightly irks me. Didn't they just spend 31 issues demonstrating why Spock's dependency on technology and planning was ineffective compared to Peter's spontaneity and unshakeable willpower attitude.

  8. Stillanerd

    #2 and #5 Ryan3178 -- No problem, Ryan. :) Also, with regards to the Electric Company Spider-Man being in Spider-Verse (who, BTW, was one of the very first incarnations of Spider-Man I was ever exposed to) I'm crossing my fingers in the hope he's keeping his "only speaks in word and thought-balloons" gimmick like he did on the show and thus all the other Spider-Men assume he's mute. That would be hilarious, IMO. @#7 Geoff -- Well, the way Newsrama reported was the following: "70s TV show in Japan Spidey? "I believe so," said Nick Lowe - giant robot and all."

  9. hornacek

    @6 - I guess deadlines is a good excuse, but still, right now he is THE Spider-Man writer so he should have done a video they could have played, called in, something.

  10. Geoff

    @5 - That is such good news! I also heard that Japanese Spider-Man is going to be in the story too. Is that true?

  11. spideydude

    Hornasek, Slott doesn't do c2e2 usually. The last time he went to San Diego Comic Con was 2011. He pretty much goes to NYCC, the convention in London and maybe a couple more. The excuse is that he will get behind on deadlines.

  12. Ryan3178

    They confirmed that the Electric Company Spider-Msn will be there and has a role to play that isn't just canon fodder.

  13. Geoff

    Oh please let the Electric Company Spider-Man show up during Spider-Verse, that will make my year.

  14. hornacek

    You know what this Spider-Man panel could have used? The writers of the two main upcoming Spider-Man books: Amazing and 2099. I mean, Waid and Robinson wrote a current graphic novel, but that's done and published, it's not like they're writing a new Spidey graphic novel every month, so I don't know what insight they can offer about upcoming Spidey stories (unless they're working on upcoming projects?). This Who Am I series is what, some sort of digital comic which I don't even know is in continuity or not. And if it's digital and I can't buy it in the comic shop, why should I care about it? I mean, having artists there is great, and the editor is good to have because he knows all about what's coming up, but where is Slott? He's the writer of the new ASM book! Spider-Verse is his baby! Why isn't he there to talk about it? I know this fits his pattern of not attending conventions or literally phoning in an appearance, but what the hey? I'll give David a pass since he's still (?) recovering from a stoke, plus he only got the gig a month (?) ago. I've never been to a convention so maybe this panel was a success to the Spidey fans in the audience, but to me it sounds kinda disappointing.

  15. Stillanerd

    Well, thanks to Bleeding Cool, they've put up the screen cap of what Silk looks like: http://cdn.bleedingcool.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/os.jpg?9098e0

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