Spider-Art of the Day #178

A house sigil by Lokiable.

Do we have any Game of Throne’s fans here? This got me wondering what motto would other Spider-characters follow? House Osborn? House Jamieson? What do you think?

– Adam

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(6) Comments

  1. DW

    House Osborn: Family Forever House Kingsley: Victory by any Name House Brock: Knowledge and Retribution House Connors: Adapt to Perfection House Kasady: Carnage Rules House Fisk: The Fat of the Land

  2. Matthew

    Just a few suggestions of my own: House Osborn: In Darkness, Power (Remember when he tried to brainwash Spidey into becoming his son?) House Jameson: (I have nothing, JT nailed it above--good one, JT! I like all of your suggestions) House Stacy: Tireless for Justice House Reilly: My Life is My Own House Octavius: Genius to Rule House Toomes: Predator, Not Prey House Kravinoff: Hunting Honor House Thompson: Striving for Glory House Brant: Without Apology House Allan: All for Family

  3. JT

    House Osborn: See Me Soar House Jameson: Upholding Truth House Watson: Ours is the Jackpot House Stacy: Everybody Dies

  4. Adam S.

    I was just thinking about this image the other day. The Spider-Man motto works really well in a Game of Thrones context.

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