Spider-Man Related News From C2E2 2014

Today at this year’s Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), Marvel made a few announcements regarding Spider-Man at their “Spider-Verse” panels. Attending the panel were editors Nick Lowe, and Jordan White, andwriters Joshua Hale Fialkov, Mark Waid, and James Robinson, and artist Ramon Perez. Among the announcements were:

  • As part of Marvel’s Original Sin crossover event,  Amazing Spider-Man #4 and #5 will introduce a new female character named Silk, who was bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers.
  • Along with Electro, Black Cat will be the main villain for Amazing Spider-Man #1 – #5.  As Editor Nick Lowe explained, her identity being revealed as a result of Superior Spider-Man #20 “did not make Felicia Hardy very happy.”
  • Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 to #1.5 will take place between Amazing Fantasy #15 and the first five issues of the original volume of The Amazing Spider-Man. “We’ll see things you’ve never seen like Uncle Ben’s funeral,” said Lowe, and it will serve as the introduction to the new villain Clash, whose powers are “sound-related,” and who will make future appearances in “the present day.”
  • The Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I? Infinite Comic by Jousha Fialkov begins with Spidey waking up in the middle of a bank robbery with amnesia.  “Spider-Man doesn’t know who he is, where he is, and has no idea why he’s robbing a bank,” said Fialkov. The first four issues of “Who Am I?” debut on May 6.
  • Along with Peter David and Will Sliney new Spider-Man 2099 series debuting in July, they will also have a Spider-Man 2099 back-up feature, in which Miquel O’Hara is “beating up muggers who are hipsters,” according to Lowe.
  • Spider-Verse will run through Amazing Spider-Man #9 to #14, and will also have tie-ins, but not be a separate mini-series. Spider-Woman, Arana, Ben Reilly, The Electric Company Spider-Man, and maybe even the Spider-Man from the 1970s Japanese TV show are also confirmed to take part in Spider-Verse. “Whether [Ben Reilly’s] around or not after that is up in the air,” said Lowe. The Iron Spidey on the promotional teaser for Spider-Verse may not be Peter Parker.
  • Kaine will also play a major role in Spider-Verse. According to Lowe, “He’s a big part of the first issue, and a big part of that story. He has some key attributes to his Spider-Powers that have roots in Morlun’s earlier stories.”
  • There will also be new incarnations of Spider-Man appearing for the first time in Spider-Verse as well.  However, “There aren’t really going to be symbiotes [in Spider-Verse]” according to Lowe.
  • Mark Waid and James Robinson’s Original Graphic Novel Spider-Man: Family Business is in-continuity, and that Peter’s sister could return in the regular series or OGN sequel.
  • A new Spider character will also debut in Ultimate FF #4 according to Fialkov.
  • Flash Thompson, the current Venom, will have more of his history explored within the pages of The Guardians of the Galaxy, but will not be appearing in Amazing Spider-Man for some time.
  • Lowe confirmed that SpOck’s love interest, Anna Maria Marconi, will appear in Amazing Spider-Man #1 and that  “she’s not going anywhere.” And he added that, “There’s a very uncomfortable conversation coming up between Peter and her… There are amazing plans for her as a character, too.”
  • When asked whether or not Peter would use any of Doc Ock’s Spider-Man inventions, Lowe stated “[Peter] has to face that in many ways Doc Ock was a better Spider-Man than he was.”  And speaking of SpOck, a new image of him showed up on the screen behind the panel, suggesting he, too, will also be a part of Spider-Verse.
Superior Spider-Man Spider-Verse Teaser

Superior Spider-Man Spider-Verse Teaser

Sources: Comic Book Resources and Newsarama

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  1. Michael Minneboo

    A lot of stuff is going to happen in the next few months. I am not sure if I like tempering with the spider-bite moment, though. We'll see what that will bring. I do hope Slott will be removed from ASM as a writer soon and that some new blood will be writing the series.

  2. Brian

    Hero or Villain, the addition of a female Spider-Man sounds like an interesting development in the mythos.

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