Daily Archives: April 28, 2014

  • Retiring my Spider-Man Con Shirt after 15 Years

    This weekend I attended C2E2 in Chicago with my nephews and met up with several Kickstarter projects that successfully had their comics or graphic novels funded. We all had a wonderful conversation about our experiences and seeing our dreams come to life. Late on Saturday night I was taking…

  • Creator Showcase #5 – Marcos Martin

    Marcos Martin is a Spanish comic book artist, who has worked on a number of successful and acclaimed series, including Batgirl: Year One, Dr. Strange: The Oath and his digital only series Private Eye. His first published work in the US appeared in The Batman Chronicles #12 in 1998.…

  • Spider-Captions #268

    Right from C2E2 in Chicago. Spider-Man movie Green Goblin sees Spider-Man movie Mary Jane as they pass by each other on an escalator. Took myself. What’s going on here?