Spider-Art #181-Amazing Variants of Vol 1 and 2

If you think Amazing Spider-Man #1 variants are a new thing, they aren’t. Back in the 1966 a variant of Amazing Spider-Man #1 came out. It included a copy of the book and the story was read to you. I’m surprised no one has made a youtube clip of it. You’ll notice the ASM# 1 included with the record doesn’t have a cover price or issue number.

Then in 1999 there were several variants of the second volume of the book. There was one called the “Sunburst” cover penciled by John Byrne. There was also a Dynamic Forces cover that was penciled by John Romita JR and inked by John Romita Senior.  John Romita Jr also penciled a variant that was produced by the Aunthentix company. There was also  art on the back. Thanks to samruby for the images.


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  1. Jason

    I don't think variants are a new thing, but I think the companies get a bit carried away with them.

  2. Iron Patriot

    I've heard a bit of that Spidey record! I'm not sure if it was on YouTube or another place but I remember Spidey's voice being all distorted, like a 60s robot. I have no idea why they did that but whatever.Also I love those Dynamic forces variants, Romita Jr inked by Romita Sr is a sum more than its already iconic parts.

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