Damaged Amazing Spider-Man #1’s

damagedBleeding Cool has an interesting story about several comic shops across the country getting damaged copies of Amazing Spider-Man #1. Some are saying the corners are getting ripped and dinged and that the book was printed on thin paper. Did you notice a bunch of damaged copies at your shop?

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  1. hornacek

    "After reading it and reviewing it on the podcast I’ll likely not open it again."I don't think Marvel will be putting this endorsement on the trade.

  2. George Berryman

    The corners on the spine were both knicked on my copy. Didn't notice until I got home but it's not something I'm going to bug my retailer with. After reading it and reviewing it on the podcast I'll likely not open it again.Maybe the nicked copies are a 'special' variant we weren't told about... heh.

  3. hornacek

    My copy was damaged - the plot was broken.(I haven't bought the issue yet, but that was too easy)

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